Monday, September 8, 2014

Whole30 Day 10: Nope. Not doing any more of this. I'm done.

At least that's how I feel. And according to everything I've read about days 10-11 for the typical Whole 30-er, I'm not alone. I guess something like 90% of people who quit do so today or tomorrow. I feel that. Here's why:

- I'm tired of nuts
- I'm tired of not having a liquid reward at the end of a long day of parenting
- I want pancakes
- Meal planning is exhausting. Quesadillas are easy.
- Produce is boring. Grocery shopping has become a dull exercise in leaf combing.
- I want pancakes.

See? Not a single good reason. Here are the reasons I'm not actually going to follow through on my feelings (a sign that this actually might be really healthy for me in and of itself):

- I feel less sluggish in the mornings
- Actually, that's an understatement. I jump out of bed willingly when one of the kids summons me now. Weird....
- My pants are all fitting looser.
- I have more energy (not a ton, mind you, but enough to see me through to bedtime. Gone are the wretched 3pm crashes.)
- I am not thinking about food in between meals (well, except for the pancakes. But I had to conjure up that craving on my own, it didn't assault me like a thug in a dark alley out of nowhere.)
- My kids are not seeing a mommy who mindlessly snacks all day long.
- Date nights and social engagements have been...challenging. (I'm putting that in the 'pros' category because I think it has been a stretch, in a good way, to have to think up scenarios that don't revolve around food or drink, and to have to practice discipline in those situations that do.)
- It's stupid to eat a certain way just because somebody says it's the right way. And's working.

So 10 days down, 20 more to go. And football season already officially underway with nary a beer sampled. Next up, getting off coffee.

JKJKJKJK. I'm not that crazy.

Have a Monday. I know I am.


  1. Rock on, Jenny! You SO got this! (She yells...from the stands...the nosebleeds.) I have a flaxseed pancake recipe on my blog that I bet is Whole 30 approved. Are they cool with faux food like that? But of course, I can't imagine eating them when they aren't slathered in maple syrup and yogurt so it might not be worth it.

  2. I am loving your posts. Keep on!

  3. Keep it up!! I totally agree about the more energy - and also the 3 - 4pm snacking - totally gone. I ate a huge protein breakfast this morning and then I was working at my son's school until 2pm and all I brought was a handful of nuts to throw back if I got hungry. I only ate half while I was there and then I never ate "lunch". Just an apple when I got home. And I was totally fine until dinner. And I even ran this morning, which is usually my excuse to eat whatever I want because "I ran and burned calories so I can eat them back up again"..... I did have a tiny cheat this weekend - big dinner at my son's school. And I felt yucky the next day. But back on the wagon right away.

  4. Whole30 really really helped me! I am so happy for you!


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