Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thrifted lately

You guys seemed so intrigued by my uncanny ability to wear other people's discarded clothing and sit on their rejected furniture without gagging, so I thought I'd give you a peep at my fall wardrobe ala Saver's.  Ready?

First up: long chambray tunic, on me, New York and Company, $7.99. Children's place flannel, on Joey, $2.49, Baby Gap sweater, on John Paul, $3.49. Baby Gap jeans, on both boys, $3.99 and 2.99, respectively. Stride Right shoes on John Paul, toddler size 7, $4.00.
Check out Voboril Photography if you're local, her work is stunning (and fast! Some proofs hit FB hours after our shoot)
 Next a tiny tot piece: Children's Place flannel worn by Mr. President, $2.49.

Banana Republic boatneck pullover, with a little bling, $5.99 (this one had literally never been worn. (Sorry I'm such a weird selfie poser.)

Nude cutout flats, women's size 8, Ivanka Trump, $7.00
(I googled these and they allegedly retailed for $120 back in the day. I don't advise anyone to google "Ivanka trump nude cutout," for the record.)

Cheetah print blazer, Ecri, woman's 10p, $8.00. Dave isn't sold on this, but I promise it's darling in person. A little big, but it'll layer well.

The chambray tunic agin. It's SO flattering, and it's lined with spandex or something on the inside. Come to think of it, so are my jeans...

Ralph Lauren floral tunic, women's M, $5.99. Ugly on the hanger, super cute on.

I've also picked up a few more items for the kids recently that aren't pictured, including a toddler size 4T Columbia jacket for $8.00, a Baby Gap denim jacket for Evie doll in size 6 mo for $4.00, and some Converse low tops for Joey in a toddler 9 for $5.00.

A few takeaways: these items were purchased from 2 different Saver's locations over a period of a week and a half or so - so be prepared to pop in a couple different stores and to take a little extra time to find the pieces you're looking for. And be prepared (sorry, honey) to find something on a day you're not looking for yourself, per se, ala my darling new ballet flats.

Thrifting is not as convenient as hitting up Target, but it's a lot cheaper and (for me) a LOT more fun. I love stopping by even when I have all three kids with me because I can bribe them with a trip to the filthy used toy aisle for some unstructured free play time at the end of a visit if they give me 15 well-behaved minutes up front.

I vastly prefer in person thrifting to the e-variety, but I live in a city with a plethora of thrift stores to choose from. I like to try on different brands in person because every designer fits so differently, and I also like to see a bold or unusual piece in person because I'm kind of a conservative wallflower when it comes to embracing new trends. However, if you live in the wilds of Canada or have 9 children under the age of 12 or if you just hate stores, I could see how Twice, etc. could be vastly preferable.

Hope you enjoyed!

And p.s.,  thanks for all your prayers and comments about Evie. At printing time we've seen a physical therapist, a pediatric nutritionist, a chiropractor AND had a full panel of labs drawn and so far there's a seemingly random assortment of little things that she's behind in, and other things that are looking just fine, and then some really weird stuff like one hip socket being super flexible and one leg coming up shorter than the other (due to muscle tension, not because they're actually different lengths. So...I don't really know.

Right now she's seeing a chiro and a PT regularly and we've got all kids of at home exercises to practice with and...we'll see. Maybe she's just a short princess who has been waited on hand and foot her entire life (ahem) and therefore hasn't paid her tummy time dues. Maybe she has a thyroid problem or is low in some important vitamin or mineral which might be inhibiting skeletal growth. Maybe she's a late bloomer who will simply be darling and short and rock a 28-inch inseam and therefor need to purchase expensive, custom denim her whole adult life.

All I can say is, thank God we're in the US of A because this would NOT be a fun process in bella Italia. And thank God this isn't a regular occurrence in our house. I have so much empathy for parents whose children face serious health issues after spending just a handful of hours in children's hospitals these past few weeks, and I'm so grateful we haven't been called to that particular challenge thus far.

She's precious and she knows it. Lookit those short femurs.


  1. Thanks for sharing your finds. It's been awhile since I wrote about thrift finds, but I feel like we've made some good ones recently. I am in total agreement about thrifting being more fun than regular shopping - you never know what you'll find!

  2. Evie IS a doll!! Hoping you get some answers soon!

    Any chance you can share what area of Denver you prefer to thrift in? I don't have any luck at the stores near me in north Denver!

  3. Love everything you found! I guess I'm not persistent enough because the few times I've gone into Goodwill, I've left empty handed. Plus the Goodwill I go by frequently is in a junky neighborhood and the clothes are junky as well....think well-used Walmart brands. Blech!

    And Evie may be tiny but dang that girl is all kinds of cute!!!

  4. I find it very appropriate that St. Therese made it into all of your selfies. ;)

  5. Evie is a doll! Also, high-five on the $7 Stride Rites...I once found a like-new pair for my then 18-mo-old for $5, but I sometimes get weird looks from other moms for buying used shoes..."bad for their feet/arch support" or something like that. I feel if they're seriously like-new...especially at the age when they're hardly used outside....you know...?

  6. jealous of the tunic-super cute! i love thrifting, but don't have the patience for it with kiddos.

    my 15 mo. old is a shortie. so was his oldest brother. maybe i should get him assessed, but it's easier just to worry about him. seriously, with my oldest, comparing his head size to height, i was pretty certain he was a dwarf. now he's short, but thankfully not the shortest in his class.

  7. She's so cute! Also consider checking into seeing a D.O. although you probably don't want to switch practitioners. http://www.osteopathic.org/OSTEOPATHIC-HEALTH/ABOUT-DOS/WHAT-IS-A-DO/Pages/default.aspx

  8. Therapists can always find something to fix if they look hard enough. (Guilty therapist speaking.) maybe it's one of those things, but I hope it's not! And people who are weirded out by thrift stores???? I just don't get em. You've got me craving a trip to the extra big goodwill now......

  9. I have tried so many different thrift stores...and Savers is my favorite by far!! I especially love their 50% off clothing sales!!!

    Glad to hear you're figuring things out with Evie. Keep us posted!

  10. I'm so impressed with your clothes thrifting skillz! I've scored some furniture and decor at Savers but I'm intimidated by the millions of racks of clothes. I need some patience. And a babysitter. Also, Evie is so precious. I really hope her petite-ness is just herself and not something that you need to worry about. I don't think I'll ever have a petite child myself (at the doctors today, Gus weighed 14 pounds 13 ounces. And he's not even 3 months old yet!), but I imagine it must be so sweet for your baby to still feel like a little baby when she's nearing her first birthday!

  11. Great finds! I love Savers. I have found some great stuff there and really need to make time to go back.

  12. I love posts like this because for me I feel I don't have the patience to do it but you found some great, cute things!! LOVE the BR shirt

  13. Jenny, you are look GREAT! Way to go, friend! And those purchases - super cute!

  14. Yes! I love thriftin' for the fun of finding that great score. Almost just as much, I love that it multiplies my budget magically but a million percent!

  15. Super Cute purchases - I love a good bargain....

  16. You're the queen!

    And Twice and Thredup don't ship up here to the Canadian wilds...so I'm outta luck again! :(


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