Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Not done yet

You guys.

Thank you. Thank you for the overwhelming outpouring of support and encouragement (are those the same thing? Kind of.) that you shared via comments and emails the past couple days. Dave pointed out to me shortly after Monday's post that it seemed like kind of a Dear John letter for the 'ol blog, but nope, not the case.

I'm not going anywhere. Except perhaps to a shorter duration of total time spent on line. Which will probably and hopefully result in more good content here, not less.

In the interest of full disclosure, I just flopped a piece of bacon across my keyboard, quite by accident, and now my cursor is greased.

(Whole30 Day 12: Keepin' on keeping on.)

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 slices bacon, some dried apricots, 2 shots black espresso
Lunch: 1 million pistachhios, 1/2 cup of leftover beef stew (paleo-ized for compliance) half a cucumber, 2 strips of bacon
Dinner: Acorn squash soup and roasted veggies
Snacks: slices of ham, pistachios, apple slices

You're the best.


  1. I'm beginning to think I need to do the whole thirty. Which makes me slightly grumpy.

  2. Your menu is making me hungry! Did you make that acorn squash soup yourself? Either way, I'd like the recipe/can label/deli counter name! Pretty please?

  3. Yes - acorn squash soup recipe...! If you share yours, I'll shoot you my butternut squash soup recipe. Delish.

  4. Glad you aren't going anywhere! I love your blog and find your topics, especially the posts to do with all things Catholic to be very uplifting.

  5. Third vote for the acorn squash soup recipe! Oh and yay! keep blogging!

  6. is quinoa paleo approved? right now i'm eating a bit of crumbled sausage sauteed with a whole onion, doused in olive oil, then mixed with quinoa. i get tired of eggs, and am trying to branch out. yesterday i had sausage, onion, and kale, all sauteed together-again, lots of EVOO. i think more fat=more satisfied for me.

  7. I kept meaning to comment on the last post and forgot. So I'm incredibly glad that others stepped in and begged you to continue. Not that I dislike blogs who try to make some money, but yours is just especially awesome because you aren't pandering to any sort of "audience". If you want to monetize in the future, I will still read every word you write. But just rest assured that this mama is so very encouraged by your writing and reflections and even your complaints. Thank you!


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