Friday, September 12, 2014

7QT: Whole 30 update, baby milestones, and 100% more bacon

1. Can I just start out by saying thank you again for the overwhelming flood of love and support this little blogger received thanks to my pity party of a post on Monday? Well, I'm grateful. And I'm glad I'm not the only crazy in the bunch, as so many of you have reassured me. Solidarity in psychosis.

2. We're on day 13(!) of the Whole 30 and it is going so well. I mean so, so well. Last night we went on a date to Barnes and Noble where we sat side by side for 2 hours in dead silence, drinking tea and reading books we had no intention of purchasing. It cost us $4.17. It was awesome.

The last time we had a date night that cheap I think was...never. Do you know how much more expensive it is to drink something other than flavored water and go to restaurants? Yeah, who knew? But obviously this way of being is not a lifestyle. At least it never could be for us. Has it become less painful now that we're almost at the halfway point? Much. But do I still fantasize about giant glasses of wine and slabs of chocolate cake with salt and vinegar chips sprinkled over the top? I've said too much...

3. If I can take one more take to talk at you about my food, I will just go ahead and post the following to evidence that ain't nobody suffering in this house. Behold my lunch:

Homemade green apple, acorn and butternut-squash soup with coconut milk and curry. With bacon on top. This is not a restrictive way of eating. At least not when it's snowing in bleeping September and I don't mind roasting winter squashes in my oven all afternoon while I dress my urchins in rags from last winter and resolve to go glove shopping soon.

(Recipes here and here. I loosely adapted both to accommodate my very large acorn and butternut squashes, and it is friggin delish. I'll write it all down one day, but just know that it's very hard to screw anything up with squash in it. And there's no dairy! And it's so creamy.

4. This girl. 

When she's not busy gnawing off my nipples (TMI TMI why can't I stop?) and yelling mama and dada, she's busy throwing my parenting for a loop by refusing to look even somewhat interested in crawling, scooting, pulling up or growing legs or feet. (I mean she has legs and feet. They're just pretty much the same size they were at 3 months.) I'm sure she's fine and I'm 100% sure I'm one of the craziest moms on the block, but I'm still taking her in for a weight/development check this afternoon just to rack up one more copay in the name of neurotic parenting. Can't help myself. (She'll be 9 months old on Monday.)

5. Bacon. Can I be frank with you? We've gone through a pound of it since yesterday morning. Can I be more frank? By "we" I mean "I."

Be still my heart? Like, very, very still. Maybe as in no longer beating?

But I'm thisclose to fitting into a size 10, which is crazy because I was a healthy 12 in my magic mom jeans when this adventure started. I've even been able to start running a little bit again, and I feel good. Like really, really good. Power to the pork products.

6. Do you have a grasp on your child(ren)'s temperament? I was mildly obsessed with this book in college and then I was chatting with a girlfriend this week and she brought up the junior version, which I'm dying to get my e-paws on. And she dropped a bit of a bombshell in so doing. While describing her incredibly sanguine firstborn son I realized that she was also describing my unbelievably social firstborn, and I may have had a stern chat with the Man upstairs about why He saw fit to saddle an introverted choleric melancholic with an extroverted sanguine with egomaniacal tendencies. Oy vey. 

7. Hearing/Watching/Reading: Currently spinning in my virtual playlist. Currently streaming on my Amazon prime. Currently hanging out on my nightstand. 


  1. 3. I LOVE soups with winter squash!! We have an acorn squash in the house but it's teeny, not enough for all of us ... mine ...? ;)

    4. Of my two almost 10 month olds, one is crawling, cruising, and climbing stairs. The other is just ... sitting there. :) My firstborn never crawled, he developed a funny butt-scoot around 10-11 months I think? It was pretty darn close to a year.

    6. I am obsessed with temperaments and all those books (there is one for spouses too). Not sure about my oldest's temperament. I used to think sanguine because he loves people and is a total ham, but he takes a while to warm up and get in his comfort zone, which reminds me of myself (melancholic with a good-sized choleric streak). I'm willing to bet that one of the twins (the sitter, heh) is hardcore phlegmatic though! If "hardcore" is an appropriate way to describe phlegmatic, ha!

  2. Oh my goodness - I am choleric melancholic also and my husband is melancholic choleric. And our 2nd son is a total sanguine choleric. I actually feel sorry for the boy. Seriously. But sometimes, we just stare at him with our jaws dropping to the floor, because we completely do NOT get him in that moment. Poor baby.

  3. Therese didn't crawl until 10 months and Maria didn't until 11.5 months!!! Therese also didn't walk until 18 months. She was also soooo petite. I just had to buy her a new fall coat because I realized it was size 18 months and should really be passed on to her sister...and they're almost three years apart!!!! So don't worry...girls are just weird like that sometimes. ;-) And were you serious about the snow?!

  4. Do you have a baby scale at home? We got one when Elizabeth wasn't gaining weight and it was soooooo nice to be able to check up on her between well visits without having any copay or anything - might be worth finding one on Craigslist or borrowing from a friend? It's sooooo hard to gauge whether they're growing or not, at least for me!

    And temperaments... Oof, all I know is that my husband and our oldest are the same and butt heads SOOOOO much because of it! I have that book but I need to reread it, that's for sure :)

  5. I love, "the temperament God gave kids". Love it. It has helped me understand our kids so much....So much. And how to effectively discipline them, motivate them, teach them, and even love them in the way that they will best receive and feel loved. Get it. Now I don't always do what they need because I fail, I'm human, and I'm sanguine. But at least I know them and I can keep trying.

  6. We started the GAPS diet (Paleo-ish) at the beginning of this year and after we got through the first part of the intro diet, we lived on BACON!! I would make a pound of it for my kids as a snack! I am slightly embarrassed to admit that. But, even though we were having tons of bacon, we felt great. The kids did great and I lost weight too.

    I am so glad whole 30 is going so well for you all!

  7. If you're interested in insights into your kids personalities another awesome, VERY detailed book is "Nurture By Nature: Understanding Your Child's Personality" by Barbara Barron-Teiger. It's MBTI for kids and it has been so helpful to me. I feel like MBTI closes in on more of the subtleties of the temperaments.

  8. Day 13 of 30... that's impressive!!! There's so much you can't eat :( But it looks super healthy... checking out the site now :)


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