Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcomed Home

We've been on the ground in Denver for over two weeks now, and honestly, it feels like we never maybe Rome was some kind of gauzy, fading dream (nightmare? Perhaps at times) that fades a little more upon waking each morning.

We just left a baptism + party with about 50 of our closest friends, and it was such a perfect representation of everything we'd  missed about our old life: tons of friends, a plethora of pregnant bellies, fantastic microbrews, Cool Ranch Doritos, and a few priests and religious brothers wandering around in the mix, just for good measure. In short, it was a snapshot of our life and our community here, and now that we're back in the midst of it, I cannot seriously imagine every uprooting our family to leave again.
I'm never leaving the suburbs.
It feels odd saying so, but after almost 31 years, I think those mythical 'roots' referenced in an earlier post this week are finally starting to stretch and grow. I can't explain to any sane person why living in the suburbs and driving a mini van is somehow more exciting and more fulfilling than international travel...but it is. Or why Target is more stimulating than an ethnic farmer's market bustling with local produce and the resultant vermin drawn in by the promise of the absence of a public health code.

What can I say? I guess I've become domesticated in my old age.

I've also become very, very dependent upon daily doses of Chipotle to satisfy my cumin-starved palate, but my ever growing baby bump and our bank account are red flagging me that this might not be the best road to travel for the next 4 months. Also, I need to start working out again pronto, but I cannot bring myself to sign up for a gym membership when it's this gorgeous outside. Plus, it's now approximately a million dollars a month to rock a 24 membership with two kid club add ons. Thanks, but for $120 monthly, I'm choosing the weekly pedicure/magazine purchase option.

Any thoughts on the wisdom or stupidity of getting back into running at 6 months pregnant? It has been a good 8 months since I've run any substantial amount (read: more than .5 miles) and yes, I've put on a good 15 lbs of gravity-shifting midriff weight in that time...but still. My shoes are still in decent shape, and there are nice, flat, paved trails right outside our house. Would I be stupid to try? Will I have to wear Depends? Will I re-read this entry in November and cackle hysterically while lying prone on the couch in a post-turkey coma, watching the needle on the scale creep ever upward and knowing I can do nothing to change it?

Any pregnant runners out there? I ran for the first four months of Joey's pregnancy, but my back was shot by JP's, so I dwelt in the water and on the elliptical machine.

Hoping your holiday weekend is filled with processed meats, cold beers, and present husbands.

God bless America.


  1. I am no runner, but at the very least you could walk, right? In my younger, fitter days I lost 20 pounds one summer by walking three miles, in one hour, every day after work. So maybe that's something?

  2. I run pregnant, but I also flout all other pregnancy conventions (Hey America, Pregnancy: You're Doing it Wrong). I asked a high risk OB about running while pregnant (while he was doing my non-high-risk ultrasound) and he said that the concern isn't with the baby overheating, as most people seem to think, but rather that the tendon-relaxing hormones released during pregnancy can make some runners more prone to joint injury that they would otherwise be.

    That hasn't been a problem for me, so I keep running. If it IS a problem for you, you're probably stuck walking, or swimming while pulling a kayak full of little people behind you.

    If you think you can probably run without injury, I would suggest wearing a girdle (I talk about that, and more about running while pregnant, here). They keep unpleasant bouncing about to a minimum, oh, and a NEW running bra, they wear out. I'd also suggest walk/running while you're easing back into it (walk 2 minutes, run 2 minutes or whatever works for you) and start small. If you run ONE mile, treat yourself like a rockstar the whole rest of the day (well, not a rockstar, how about a princess?). I think 1-3 miles is a good goal for pregnant running.

    Good Luck!

  3. The major problem with running while pregnant is if you haven't been running regularly you really up your chances of injury due to preggo hormones (what Kendra said). Trust me, just walk. Do it every day. Just move. I twisted my ankle when pregnant and it was ZERO amount of fun and then you can do nothing. Listen to your body above all!! Enjoy it all, fall is a comin'!

  4. Yay! So glad you're back, come to the Bend!!

    And I say no working out is very best option. Unless "working out" can consist of the movement of the forearm as it raises the Doritos to your mouth, then by all means, go crazy.

    But really, just walk and if you're feeling crazy break into a jog now and again, don't push yourself.

  5. I am a personal trainer and I agree with Kendra and makingthetrek in that you CAN run pregnant, but if you have not run in a while, I would not recommend it. Your muscle tone probably would not be strong enough, which would increase your chances of getting injured because your muscles could not overcome the looseness in your tendons, etc caused by pregnancy hormones.

    Glad you are enjoying being home!

  6. I say if running is your thing - just go for it...slowly. BUT, I think I read somewhere (where? I don't know...I could be making this up...) that walking at a brisk pace is equally as beneficial as running (for your lungs, etc). Plus it's less impact for your ever stretching middle. I always loved working out while pregnant (but not when I'm not with child- go figure) because it made me feel so goooood. The back pain was gone and I felt like I was helping baby out a bit. I never ran though (because it was the dead of winter). Instead, i rented so many dvds from the library it was ridiculous. THEN, I found a fav few 10 min workouts on youtube and never looked back.

    But then again, fall in Denver is not to be missed. Hope you get out to enjoy it ;) Good luck!

  7. Just walk...those poor stomach muscles need a break, and running beyond 5 months pregnant left me so sore!

  8. My OB always told me that whatever exercise I was doing when I became pregnant, I could keep doing until it wasn't comfortable anymore. That being said, I always stopped running when I was pregnant, just because I hated the way it made me feel. The whole jostling belly thing - couldn't stand it. I would do very brisk walking, which can get your heart rate up pretty quickly, especially if you're pushing your two in the stroller.

  9. I am a competitive runner and ran up until a week before Gabe was born. Granted, my mileage and pace decreased as my pregnancy progressed, but I stopped solely due to prodromal labor. That being said, I am a huge advocate for staying fit when pregnant for the emotional and physical benefits (and it kept my morning sickness at bay). As others have mentioned, it is generally advisable to not start something new as the hormone relaxin can have effects on your ability/recovery to/from exercise. You know your limitations and have done this two other times. The research is scant at best and OBs recommendations cycle from do and don't exercise every few years. My vote is do what feels ok.

  10. I am so happy for you and that you are home. I feel better just knowing you are in Denver! haha, good to have you back dear friend!


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