Friday, August 23, 2013

7 Quick Takes from the Burbs

1. Yes, they found our luggage, Fryes intact. The only real casualty was a $4 pottery barn votive holder that, being one of the 3 pieces of home decor that survived our transatlantic move on both ends, I was inappropriately attached to anyway. So, win/win.

2. I love the suburbs. I love living 10 minutes from 2 different Super Targets and 100 different varieties of ethnic and fast food. I know it smacks of American consumerism at its worst, blah blah blah...but you know what's worse than consumerism? Having zero choice in whether or not you will, in fact, be partaking in said consumption. Rachel Lucas, a fellow recent Italy-to-America ex-pat, put it far more eloquently than I ever could. And with more f-bombs. Fair warning. But America, you are good. Some people can't handle the good, take the good to excess, are consumed by the good...but that's not your fault. People are responsible for their own choices, and damn it feels good to have choices again.
3. A quick prayer for my handsome husband who is coming up on 34 big ones this weekend, and who is having a sort of scary but hopefully quickly resolved issue with his vision. We're seeing a specialist this afternoon which, again, makes me want to drop to my knees and kiss the sovereign soil we stand on because a specialized!self-motivated and employed!same day appointment! doctor. Amen, alleluia, let freedom ring.

4. Both boys are having verbal explosions this week, which I credit to the fine Rocky Mountain air, a regular sleep schedule, and a diet consisting of considerably more variety than yogurt and gluten free pasta. John Paul proudly and unexpectedly announced 'Happy Birthday, Daddy' from the back seat this morning, which is technically his first sentence. And yesterday Joey approached me with the offer of "A good coffee accommodation for you, Mommy." I'm going to go ahead and take full credit for raising that kid right.

5. I have gone Mackelmore on every single thrift store in the Denver metro area this past week, and I am now the undisputed queen of all things secondhand. I have scored a mint condition tan-with-espresso-accent-legs microfiber couch ($40), an IKEA kid's wooden table and chair ($8), a Pottery Barn wooden toy kitchen ($4.99), a Fisher Price balance bike with training wheels ($9), a Pottery Barn kid's rocking microfiber recliner ($9), a Target Threshold Collection 24'x48' gilded mirror (with tags on, $24), and an espresso colored leaning ladder bookcase from Pier 1 ($15). I'm literally on fire, I tell you. And our house looks amazing.

6. Daily Mass. I went once! And there were no stairs (or stares, really). And air conditioning! And aside from Joey repeatedly yelling 'Where's the tv?' and dropping every damn kneeler in our row with a resounding BANG during the Eucharistic prayer, it was amazing. Don't ask me why I couldn't make it to Daily Mass in Rome's too pathetic a tale. Let's just say I needed a mini-van, a sprawling suburban mega-church, and the promise of an easy exit down a handicapped ramp to lead me to the Lamb's Supper.

7. Date night! Tonight. Because I have a sister who lives 10 minutes away and weeeeeeeeeee! We haven't been on a date in 4 months. Any suggestions for a 6 month preggo high on American life and a potentially vision-impaired husband with hugely dilated pupils?

Linked to the finest in weekly roundups, Mrs. Fulwiler the Great.


  1. Praying for Dave!

    Seriously envious of your thrift store finds! I was thrilled that I found a lululemon running tank this past week! I have never scored great furniture!

  2. You are so funny. Are you this funny when you're speaking? Gosh you are so funny. And, I'll just say it, my favorite blog.

    1. Yes. You are super, super funny. I never actually "lol" but I totally chuckled with a little bit of noise on the last take.

  3. I would go to the melting pot if you have one - perfect for a preggo, exemplifies everything that is America, and if the vision is messing with your husband's depth perception, you'll be able to eat all the cheese and chocolate yourself ;)

  4. Wow wow wow on all the secondhand goodness! We've been garage sale obsessed. And if we ever redecorate you can bet it will be a thrifty adventure all the way!

  5. Oh wow, I hope his vision issues get resolved soon! That can be scary. Glad to hear your luggage made it back safely!

  6. These posts just make me smile! I can literally picture you jumping around and exclaiming about all the wonderfulness of being back!

  7. My husband's family is from Poland and occasionally rag on suburby, strip-mally, fast-foody America. I have this little part of me that agrees with them, but a much bigger part gets all red, white and blue and rushes to the defense of this sweet, sprawling country. Welcome back, and thank God for Target.

  8. I love love love how awesome it is to watch you be back home and enjoy the realities of the good ol' US of A.


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