Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cleaning House

So what do you think? Graphic design and layout are the opposite of 'my thing,' and I'll never be able to justify paying somebody else to spruce up the imaginary world that hosts my tales of bodily fluids, selfies and political rants, but I rolled up my tech sleeves and dusted off the 'ol template last night. And updated 'About Me' to be slightly less endless. And annoying.

I think I like it. Though I do miss seeing that tacky big ass cup 'o coffee. Sort of. (Missed it too much, had to bring it back.)

I have to say that yesterday, on my first full day sans FB, I was a productive little housewife the likes of which has hardly ever been seen. At least 'round these parts. Books read, forts built, ice creams consumed, leisurely walks taken, dinner planned and cooked...and a full-on self mani/pedi. In the closest shade I could find to this:

at the local 'Profumeria,' because they were offering the good stuff for the very reasonable price of $14 US dollars and, call me martyr, but I couldn't justify pulling that trigger. So I went with an Italian knock off and it's a bit closer to Orbitz wintermint than I'd normally care for, but...thrifty!

One week from today, we'll be winging our way to Denver via Dublin via Boston (don't ask), so you best believe I'm spending this last hot week 'packing' (Aka throwing everything away. I think our cleaning lady accepted, among other items including-but-not-limited-to our entire medicine cabinet, my proffered  quarter pack of Camel Blues from my very attractive 'pre-pregnancy numero 3/holy shit we moved to a foreign country without clothes dryers' days.

Give away all the things! Throw away all the toys! The boys can share two pairs of cargo shorts between them!

I tend to get a lil bit carried away when it comes to decluttering. You might say it's my gift. Or, if you're my husband, you might just get really nervous about your supply of black dress socks (do you really need 4 pairs? Four?) about once a quarter.

So aside from the frantic purging, what would you guys do with a week in the Eternal City during 'the iron of August?' Just to set the stage for your little imaginations: it's 99 degrees every day by 10:35 am, the buses are running sloooooow and are full of the most unimaginable aroma of the crush of humanity, and I'm 5 months pregnant and the proud owner of a wonderful and heavy double stroller.

Any ideas?

Meanwhile, I've got my eye on an entire toy box of c-r-a-p whose destiny is calling for a trip to the big, brown dumpster in the street. If only I can successfully sneak it downstairs...


  1. Go to Adoration at St. Peter's, convince Dave to take the whole fam to the German college early am mass, take pictures of ordinary things, ESP the church you frequent on weekends/Romans, roman fashions and suits and babies and food, buy out the entire Cpmandini religious goods store 3 roman blocks-ish e. of st.pete's on Borgo Pio, ride a motorino. All while keeping your kids from getting hit by one!

  2. I've ZERO ideas of what to do in Rome and given those lovely weather specs I'd say lots of gelato! I like the new banner on the top of the blog, but I do miss the coffee cup....just sayin'....says the woman who is frozen in trepidation on trying to "re-do" my blog page. BTW, you and my husband purge in exactly the same manner. Exactly. I try not to leave him alone in these times or at least hide my stuff!!
    Aaaaaand, I quit FB as well. Glorious, right????

  3. Take lots of pictures Jenny!!! I hope you guys enjoy your last few weeks there : ) Have you really been gone since February?????

  4. All I can think of is... Eat a lot of gelato? I mean, it's gonna be so hard to get good gelato once you're back in the States!

  5. I would probably make tons of big plans to take full advantage of my last week in Roma ... and end up sitting around at home lackadaisically packing instead. :) Have fun either way.

  6. Have a great last week! Hooray for decluttering. And as for things to do- um, maybe see if you can get one of the Swiss Guards to crack a smile?

  7. So excited to have you back! :) Jenni, if you need anything when you return, please let me know. Really. Also, we are currently looking to get rid of a couple furniture items, etc. if you are interested. Enjoy these last few days in Rome!


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