Wednesday, September 4, 2013

5 Favs

Sorry the blog has been gathering a little dust lately. Just chalk it up to a busier schedule and a slightly less exciting daily grind in Centennial versus Rome. And to the looming third trimester of our latest edition.

Still, it's nice to depend on one of my two southern girls for motivation to write at least twice weekly. So yeah, I'll probably be back on Friday.

Without further ado:

1. I was so pumped to read (from a reliable source) this news today: a canonization date at last! And only a week after my John Paul turns 2. I'm thinking of hosting a killer double header party at our house. Polish vodka, miter shaped cupcakes, and maybe a koala hugging station. Let me know if you want to get on that guest list.

I'll drink to that.
2. This stuff is legit.

I first bought in it grad school and wouldn't you know it, even though I need it so much more desperately now, I rationalize that it's soooo much more essential to buy organic pain-free baby soap and sunscreen for my offspring than to wipe away the traces of their nighttime terror campaigns on my delicate complexion. But last month, I ordered some again and, for the first time, used it yesterday evening and again this morning and even though John Paul (not the koala hugger) woke up every 94 minutes last night to breathe croupily into my mouth and splay like a sweaty starfish across our king-but-felt-like-a-full-last-night bed, I look...fresh. Dewey, even?  My girl Elizabeth will hook you up if you're ready to take the pamper plunge.

3. This is super embarrassing to admit, but I'm a tiny bit into dystopian young adult fiction. I'd like to blame somebody, but personal responsibility dictates that I own my nasty Amazon habit, loud and proud. But, buuuut, after my latest foray into modern Orwellian-aping pseudo lit, I'm proud to say that after spending $8 on Amazon 2 nights ago and devouring the first installment of the "Delirium" trilogy I marched (drove) my disciplined 30-year-old self to not one but two libraries yesterday to pick up books two and three. I should finish the whole series by tomorrow evening, and be none the wiser, smarter, or holier for it...but they're entertaining, and they're smut free. And damn I love me a good post-American dystopia.

4. I took all of your thoughtful advice and input and decided to lurch into a lumbering cantor on Saturday evening and may I just say, my back did not thank me. I may not have gained as much weight yet but my holy Relaxin, that felt really terrible on Sunday around 3 am. Like really terrible. Double stroller power-walking, you're my new favorite.

5. And while this is not a favorite, I would now like to poll the audience about something extremely serious and mysterious: my hair color. Apparently, as the lurking underlayer nearest my neck would seem to indicate, I am no longer actually a blonde. I don't know how long this has been the case, but I mean to get to the bottom of it sometime Saturday morning around 10 am for my annual professional cut and style. I usually do a full set of foils, sometimes I throw some lowlights in there too, just to be crazy, but I think I'm going to allow whatever lucky Aveda lady I get set up with this go-round to conduct some archeological research on my color and get to the bottom of it, so to speak. And also cut off an inch or five.

So this is now: (please overlook the stunned selfie)

And here's what I'm thinking for later:

Darkest espresso + longish layers

Medium with caramel highlights + side bangs

Legit bangs. Terrible idea? + Chocolately brown

Thoughts? Vote me in, and I'll prance down to the Aveda school with a cell phone image in my hot little hands.

Be sure to head over to Hallie's for more mental stimulus than you could shake a stick at.


  1. I am no longer blonde either. The kids did it to me.

    And, life is short, do it like the middle pic ;)

  2. I vote #3; that cut would look great on you!

  3. I will hit up that partay!

    And I like the middle one, too! Although I'm confident that you would rock them all.

  4. I had the same hair situation about four years ago! I had probably been in denial for years, but finally owned it with a color like option 1 :)

    I vote for looks 1 or 2 !

    And can I copycat your party? Since I also have a John Paul...Love it!

  5. 1. I vote for B!

    2. Um, I would totally come to that party. And bring John Paul a totally awesome gift. So you should invite me. ;)

    3. Glad to know I'm not the only one with a dystopian addiction. I've actually taken a break for a while (to get hooked on Game of Thrones, mostly). But it's only a matter of time ... I have to reread The Hunger Games before the next movie anyway.

  6. A or B would be great on you!

    Also sign me up for koala huggin' miter drinkin good times!

  7. Pinning that first hair style for me. I love it.

  8. I like the cut in C, but I think you should stick with blonde! I was very blonde as a child and the wisp/frizz that hovers over the rest of my hair still comes in blonde. But the rest of it comes in an ugly, boring brown. I've been having blonde highlights put in since I left college. Except for one time. One time, I decided to throw up my hands and go with the natural brown at my roots, because I was tired of the highlighting thing. My mother just about cried. I pretended I didn't feel like crying. I guess I think that some complexions just look best when paired with blonde hair (or at least a bit of it). I have one of them. You seem to also. But what do I know?

    Whatever you end up going with, have a great time at your appointment. I always feel like I should pinch myself at the hair salon -- it feels so wonderfully strange to not have a small person need you every few minutes.

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  10. I've been an Arbonne junkie since son #1 was born (16 years), there's just no going back. None.

    Hairstyle B here.....looking forward to the post pics!!!

  11. I really like A because it seem slike it would be easier to maintain. My blonde is also gone-why does pregnancy steal the sunshine from our hair? Haha

  12. Any of these cuts would look great, Jenny! I bet your natural color is a little lighter than Mandy Moore's here--what do you think? Cant wait to see the finished product and I wish I could go with you!

  13. Medium with caramel highlights + side bangs is awesome. I recommend you this one.

    Tropic isle jamaican black castor oil

  14. I would vote for the second picture, B, because it gives you enough difference to feel worthwhile but also doesn't fully confine you to full-on bangs should you hate or regret the change! Glad you shared your story!

  15. I also have an unhealthy addiction to young adult fiction (often of the dystopian variety). If you liked Lauren Oliver's Delirium, please read her book Before I Fall. Although it starts out painfully slow, it's incredible. Much better than her trilogy.


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