Sunday, January 27, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

 Who's that coming down the block, dressed head to toe in goth chic?

I have come to the conclusion that monochromatic black + lipstick is universally flattering to a post-partum bod. Also, the scarf is the 'put a bird on it' of the fashion world.

Hence, my new Italian momiform, if you will.

Creeping on the passers-by below.

A little bling.

The shabby view.

'Please mother, some attention? Or perhaps a dry shirt to cut the 34 degree wind chill?

And then

We all

details, etc.
Scarf: sweater shop down the block en route home from Mass this morning. Does that still count?
Boots: Frye, gifted
Black jeggings: Faded Glory. Elastic waist. Hell yes, I went there.
Tunic/sweater/frumper: Loft
Earings: Betsy Johnson, gifted

Scarf: Burlington Coat Factory
Pea Coat: Target
Pants: Kohls
Boots: Etienne Aigner

P.s. Please don't stop leaving comments just because I'm too lazy/technilogically challenged to respond to them. They're truly such a consolation in this sort of weird and lonely and incredible time, and I promise you I read them all!

Buona Dominica!


  1. I really like it, probably even more so because that's my post-partum mom uniform as well. I like the Jeggings and from Faded Glory. Mine are getting to big already, when did you get them?? I love that blue on you as well!!

  2. Amazing view! Love the black; it looks super sharp with the blue.

  3. So while I'm freezing in the northeast, and you're living it up in Italy, I'm supposed to take pity on you and leave comments, with little chance of response? Alright, so here's my comment telling you how great you look and how jealous I am. The boots and scarf alone are heads and tails above my snowpants/ lumberjack hat combo.

  4. I, too, am a big BIG fan of the all black with a scarf thang.

  5. You've entered into my wardrobe color scheme. Black, black and more black. And you are making me want highlights? Ps your balcony is freaking me out, don't fall!

  6. Welcome to my color scheme;) you are making me want highlights and your balcony is freaking me out. Don't fall!

  7. I think my husband is super jealous of your relocation! Btw your outfit is pretty blends style and comfort and I'm a wee bit jealous ;-)

  8. You look fabulous! If I wear all black, I look like I'm in a bodysuit, but you can totally pull it off.

    Your view is a million times better than mine of my ice-covered neighbor's house.

  9. AWESOME view! I think our babes are about the same age, so I'm glad to hear someone else still refer to their wardrobe as "postpartum," hehe. It seems like even as I lose weight (sloooowly) my belly stays the same. Loving the black!

  10. I totally agree on the all black, post partum body call. Also, I cackled at the "put a bird on it" comment.

  11. You are totally Rome-chic! I am so jelly. Not jam.

  12. You and your sister look great! I love your all black with a pop of color from your scarf idea. I may need to copy that look!

    I just want to add that I am afraid of heights & seeing you ladies lean on those low balcony railings is making me VERY NERVOUS. Please don't drink & lean. No matter how awesome the view. Am I a downer? Probably. I don't care. Be careful!!!!

  13. What a view indeed! WOW! Love that fabulous blue scarf my friend. Love it!!

  14. It's totes not creeping when you're in Europe. It's a pass-time there, no? The background doesn't hurt, but dang, Y'ALL LOOK GOOD!

  15. What the frack?! That view is amazing. Like ridiculous.

    And you don't look postpartum! Another month walking like an Italian and you'll look like you never had kids at all I'm sure...and I'm not jealous at all...

  16. Concerning the black: Amen, sister!

    Black and more black. And lipstick. And a scarf.

    It's really perfection.

  17. Tre-Gothique!

    And, Portlandia? Mike and I can't see a bird without saying that anymore. In fact, I printed out a bunch of birds the other day and stuck them all over his crap. Because I'm a good wife.

  18. You look amazing; so Euro, and I'm jealous of that view! Christine's scarf is great, too! You two are just very well-scarfed.

  19. LOVE love love the view, incredible!!! Miss you all : )

  20. Looking so chic, Jenny! Love that awesome view.


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