Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm Alive

But not well-connected, in the internet sense.

But today we did this.

In January.

And it rocked.
Our paparazzo captured all the fun

Somebody was kind of a jerk most of the day.

And somebody wasn't.

And somebody else was faaaaaaabulous.

Daddy's boy.

j/k, I'm the one he goes nuts for all.night.long.

San Marinella, Italy. We'll be back with our beach blankets in March, cause in this house, 70 degrees is taaaaanning weather.

p.s. I am loving each and every one of your lovely comments (except the spamming troll from korea who keeps leaving barely-coherent messages about genital warts and improving internet speeds, but that's another post entirely), but our internet is spotty-ish, so please forgive me for not replying to them lately. We'll have our trusty high speed up and running in a couple days...or weeks. I'm learning.

"This is Italy."


  1. Ha! This is so funny. I was literally coming here to check to see if you had posted. I was curious in a very normal way.

  2. Yay! So beautiful! I'm glad you found a place to be near the water and you have magical sunshine. Jealous and happy for you, all at the same time.

  3. Yay! So beautiful and happy for you all! Weee!

  4. It looks absolutely beautiful.


    Stuck in Kansas

  5. Somehow I don't picture beaches when I think of Italy...sweet!

  6. It's taken me ages to get over here and comment on this post. I squealed when I saw your pics because I lived in Santa Marinella one spring!

    Anyhow. I'm loving all your updates and vicariously drinking lots of cappuccini and eating inordinate numbers of cornetti over here!


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