Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And Away We Go

This is what packing for a global relocation for a family of four looks like:
Flapping in anticipation of 14 hours in the air.

Posing with all our worldly goods. Minus stroller.

Grandma? Come with us?

Maybe anxious to bon voyage her houseguests?

Or maybe not. Honesty, we're breaking Grandma's heart.
Next post coming at you from the Eternal City, sometime around Thursday evening. Until then, arrividerci and please God let the benedryl work...


  1. Good luck! I was actually recently thinking of you and your impending move. Hope everything goes well and the boys are extra good for you! Can't wait to read about your Roman adventures!

  2. Have a safe trip and can't wait to read your first post from Italy!! I think you would make a great Franciscan with how little you need to start your life!

  3. Ahh! Good luck Jenny! Hopefully they're sleeping angels for you!

  4. Jenny! Buona Fortuna! I can't wait for your stories from across the water, and I'll be praying for miraculously easy traveling for you and your boys!

  5. Bon Voyage! I can't wait to hear about everything once you settle it :)

  6. My heart is broken! And it will break every Sunday when Abigail asks for Joey and John Paul. We already miss you and CANT wait for when you visit next.


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