Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Been Living Under a Rock

And I just heard about this...and furthermore, just noticed that I'd been nominated for some ridiculous reason, under the categories of Funniest Blog, Coolest Blogger, and Best Mommy Blog. Um, thanks Bonnie!

Not that there aren't several dozen better, funnier, and cooler blogs out there deserving of the above titles...but if you like what you see round these parts, why not hop over to A Knotted Life and vote for me and the product of my coffee-inhaling ramblings.

Ciao for now. Stop by later tonight (my time, so afternoonish your time?) for a little more meat.


  1. I laugh all.the.time. whilst reading your blog. And so, you got my vote for funniest :)

  2. Is the occasion of your Sheeenazing nominations a good time to reveal my crush on you? I think so :) Every time I've been around you I think "I like that Jenny. We should be friends." I just started reading your blog but I'm totally hooked... definitely caught up via your archives.

    -Tamara Pandolfo


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