Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Name, New Blog

So I'm not quite the battle-hardened culture warrior I once was. For starters, I begin and end most days in maternity yoga pants. For reasons unknown, I do actually get dressed in between, usually down to the 'ol h + m, but inevitably the yoga pants creep back on once my ritual trip to Target has been checked off.

Anywho, I'm not the girl I once was.

So, in keeping with reality, why not, I reasoned, start afresh in this brave, new world of mommy blogging and reinvent my online persona to more accurately reflect reality? The reality of yogurt on everything, sleeping never, and nary a cultural event or protest to attend. Well, not without a small person strapped to my large person and some degree of public mortification/humiliation factored in.

Anywho, veering away from the acerbic social political commentary, (though not entirely. After all, I've had a baby, not a lobotomy) and venturing tentatively into the virtual support group of stay at home/work at home/ trapped at home/ dear God somebody come over and clean my home mothers across the globe, I vow to henceforth bring forth such riveting content as "Pregnancy: how fat can I get?" and "Why I spent our last $18 on lattes and now we're eating 6-month old cous cous as a main dish" in addition to timeless favorites remarking on the general state of decline in western civilization.

Prepare to be wowed.

Also, I may or may not subject the 2 remaining readers out there to my very own, schizophrenic postings on Pinterest, mainly featuring hopelessly ambitions DIY projects involving power tools I don't currently own and pictures of beautiful clothes that I would probably never wear.

Glam it is.

Ps. hilarious

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