Sunday, January 15, 2012

the honest truth

Every time I feel my baby move inside of me, I think about whether or not I could bring myself to kill him or her, should the 'need' arise (finances, domestic violence, an illness that threatens my life, societal or familial pressure, etc.) and I can never reason all the way through to the final decision: an abortion. I am confidant that no woman on earth truly wants to hurt the baby growing inside of her; it defies biology, logic, our very humanity. 
 I wish that every woman had the support during pregnancy that I do. For those who don't, I pray that now, today, someone will reach out to them and offer hope, support and real help for the darkness they find themselves in. 
In the end, nobody chooses abortion, they merely succumb to it.

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  1. Jenny, I love your blog and will start following... now. It is so funny how I am just finding out that I know the people who belong to all these blogs! Keep up the great posts!


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