Monday, January 23, 2012

March On

Hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators will descend upon our nation's capitol today, marking the 39th year since our Supreme Court ruled in favor of the willful, arbitrary murder of unborn children. (The media won't cover it, but thanks to Facebook and Twitter and text messaging, we'll bear virtual witness nonetheless.) Millions and millions of lives have been lost since then, and perhaps millions more consciences have become so deadened to the reality of sin and evil that it begs the question: will our society survive the scourge of abortion?

I speak not only of the millions dead, but of those of us left standing, shaking our heads, and wondering ... "Is this really happening? And can I do anything to stop it?" And also of those who don't wonder, who know, and who embrace death willingly, championing it as some kind of salvific and fundamental human right. People like our Commander in Chief.

Our world has never been - will never be - a safe place. Adam and Eve made that choice long ago. But we still have the power to choose good, to restore a bit of safety to this world of chaos and sin.

Let this be the year then, when America chooses life, chooses to restore the sacred inviolability of the womb. Our Creator Himself, born of a woman, would not today be guaranteed safe passage into this barren world.

We can never know how many other of God's gifts have been denied entry.

No more.

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