Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. All I can say is, I'm tired.

So, so tired, and so incapable of doing any further reorganizing of the crappy, second-hand furniture populating my house that stands in open defiance of the force of nature which is nesting and taunts me to 'repurpose it.'

2. I watch too much HGTV. (See above post.) Dear husband and I had an actual argument/animated discussion about the merits of sanding, stripping and refinishing furniture while 7 months pregnant and living on a budget. ps apparently sanding is hard work. and I don't own a sander. Dave: 1 Jenny: 0

3. After reading this beautiful reflection of Ana's, I really dug down deep and just...wait for it...sat around on the living room floor with my sweet Joseph for much of the morning. I didn't get a whole lot of work done before naptime, and I didn't get any furniture pushed out into the backyard. But he hugged me around the neck like 15 times in under an hour, and we played catch and hot damn, my boy's got an arm!

4. I had the chance to talk, really talk, to my best friend from college this morning, and even though both our kids were experimenting with varying decibel levels in the background and we're like, two thousand flipping miles apart, it was like we were together again in the grim Ohio valley winter, sipping terrible, affordable coffee in our dingy apartment kitchen all over again, talking about God's plans for our lives and where we thought we might be headed. Thank God for girlfriends who take time to dream.

5. I have hit the gym 6 times a week religiously for the past month of this pregnancy, (that's weeks 24-29, for anyone out there who cares even slightly more than not at all) and have accomplished thus: nothing. By that I mean, I have continued to gain at the exactsamepace as I did with my first pregnancy; you know, the fabulous one where you read maternity magazines constantly and excitedly puff your stomach out after meals to fake a bump as early as trimester one. And sit behind a computer all day with your feet propped up eating White Cheddar Cheezits. Yeah, that one.

Suffice it to say, I was expecting perhaps, oh, slightly different results from running interference with a toddler all day and breaking up the monotony with 60 minutes of cardio each evening. But apparently my body can't differentiate between processed carbohydrates and time spent strapped to an elliptical machine. Boo hoo. I'm realizing as this pregnancy continues that I am 1. still alarmingly obsessed with body image and 2. still very much under the illusion that I am the one calling the shots here. And He is working it out of me, one humiliating doctor's appointment and shopping trip at a time. Le sigh.

6. I met this guy at a conference a few years back and, honestly, I loved him. Now feeling confirmed in my love by his fiery reaction to our dictator in chief's latest shenanigans.

7. It turns out, Wheel of Fortune is an awesome drinking game. But then, I think I always knew that deep down...

Be sure to hit up Jen at Conversion Diary to read something that may or may not be more edifying and may include a photo op featuring clowns and Budweiser Original. Don't say you weren't warned.

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