Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook - Hat tip, Kristine

Outside my window - Blue Colorado skies and a thermometer that is (allegedly) going to hit 80 degrees today... in March!  How I love thee, Rocky Mountain springtime.  I can see a lovely artificial lake from my office building, and the walking path surrounding it is already filling up with strollers, dogs, and a man who sells hot dogs and snow cones... bliss.

I am thinking - By this time tomorrow, I will be en route to flyover country to visit the in-laws, and loving the Midwestern hospitality and cuisine that awaits us!

I am thankful for - A husband who willingly dug my suitcase of summer clothes out of the garage this morning at 6 am so that I could wear a "modified" sundress to the office (don't worry, I dressed it up).

I am hoping - That the Mexican dive I've been dreaming about hitting for lunch today has extra, extra hot green chile to satisfy my insane capsaicin cravings... can't get a high enough Scoville unit to satisfy this kid!

On my mind - Lent was so, so brief this year.  I blinked, and it was Holy Week.  I think being married had something to do with how "easy" it seemed; there's something to be said for accountability.

Noticing that - The media is continuing to surprise me with shockingly balanced reporting on Obamacare: the aftermath.  Last night even NPR (of all outlets) had some scathing words for our Commander and Thief.  Here's hoping America's wake up call hasn't called come too late...

A few plans for the week - Lounging around mom and dad's casa and enjoying some quality time with my other set of younger siblings.

From the kitchen - Heh.  Nada.  We were considering eating condiments for breakfast, but settled on freezerburned Ezekial bread toast with peanut butter. 

Around the house - My clothes.  Everywhere.  In a desperate attempt to find any pair of pants that fits comfortably, I've searched everywhere.  The one pair of maternity pants I've purchased were cheap, and they look and feel that way.  Also, in a startling turn of events, I hate my Bella band.  Hate it.  It's the least comfortable thing I could imagine putting on my body right now, when everything feels confining against my tummy and baby is just hanging out down low.  Whoever designed that thing was either a sadist or 6 feet tall and carrying much higher.

One of my favorite things - My daily catch up calls with my little sister, thousands of miles away but as reliable as the morning commute.  Lizzie + Mikey screaming in the background like a pterodactyl + a tall half-caf with cream = drive time bliss. 

A picture I am sharing - Honeymoon bliss...can we go back now?

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