Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Save the Children

What won't the (mostly) democrats stoop to in their quest to "overhaul" health care?  You've gotta love the guts it took for Harry Reid to parade a bereaved 7 year old in front of the Senate earlier this week, feeding him lines carefully designed to tug on the right heartstrings and deliver the appropriate key words to communicate his sorrow over losing his mother due to (sob) "insufficient health care coverage."

But then, from a collective hell bent on the destruction of children at whatever cost, what wouldn't they stoop to?  Children are disposable and void of personhood while they're inside the womb, so why not pimp out a grieving toddler to make your point? 

Here's hoping that the American people recognize this pathetic and indecent posturing for what it is: smoke, mirrors, and wildly inappropriate behavior violating the rights of a child, all in hopes of a sympathy bump in the polls.

Nice try, but I think we all know that the rights and well-being of children are matters well above these people's paygrades.

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