Thursday, March 4, 2010

Contracepting Vocations

Check out this fabulous piece I stumbled upon during a random google image search for a picture of my 10 week old babe.  I'm sure I'll be reflecting on this for weeks to come.


  1. I do not have a lot of time to process this article. Seems to me that this writer is upset at how free and liberating contraception is. He himself bemoans how people are not longer dependent on extended family, women are in the workplace, and we decide by conscience, not biology, how many children we have. . .if any. Sounds like he is hurt at being increasingly structurally unemployed and irrelevant. . .kinda like wagon wheel makers.

    I for one think contraception has been as liberating for both men and women as the printing press. It has opened so many opportunities for advancement, education, and has changed the political power structure. You cannot buck the system or challenge authority if you are beholden to a brood of belly fruit.

    When time permits I will lament this whole masochistic BS on self sacrifice. . it stinks on so many existential levels.

  2. It's a bit off topic, but I thought of you, when I saw this, Bob. Look at the size of this adoptive - you'll approve:) -family, consider that prevailing wisdom would counsel that a woman who has been raped should abort her child (I remind you of your statement that abortion is a noble option when one is confronted with an unwanted pregnancy), and ask yourself if anyone really KNOWS what the future holds for any conceived child, or for those who might be touched and loved by him or her.


  3. I wasn't aware that Fr. Rick had posted this (my husband used to work in that parish). I cannot tell you how passionate I am about promoting NFP & Vocations interchangeably! Holy Families=Generous children who are open to those vocations, whether in consecrated life, the priesthood or in married life.

    I did a blog post about it here:

    Also, I had heard that Bishop Carlson (now in St. Louis) was addressing an angry parish that was closing or getting merged, and he asked those in the parish who were willing to give up their birth control in order to save their parish? He then went on to connect the crisis in family life to the crisis in our dioceses over vocations. AMAZING! (I commented on this event here: )

    Keep up the great work witnessing to love and life!


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