Monday, March 29, 2010

Say it Again, George

Happy Holy Week, everyone!  As we enter into the mystery and majesty of our Lord's passion and death, let's keep in mind that the same forces who sought Him nailed to a cross 2,000 years ago are still very much at work today, and let's pray for our Holy Father as he, too, enters into the passion of Christ.


  1. sorry jenny. . .the catholic church will NEVER live down its legacy of child abuse and subsequent cover up. check out the movie the Magdelene Sisters (about abusive nuns in Ireland) if you are catholic this is part of your identity you have to accept. . .kinda like being a Gotti. . .name follows you

  2. You know Bob, if you'd read the article I posted last week or done any research, you'd know that as a public school counselor, you are actually far more likely, statistically speaking, to molest a child over the course of your career. But of course, you won't see that on CNN...


    You gotta do the research... it's not longer sufficient to just quote sound bites from the dinosaur media, not now that information is so widely and readily available to the average citizen.


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