Monday, October 28, 2013

Slowing Down

This past weekend saw lots of couch lying and bath-soaking on my part, with sprinklings of football and pumpkin carving. Pretty much the perfect recipe for fall, except that I spent most of it lying down watching from the sidelines.
Mommy crack.
This has been the easiest pregnancy so far, hands down, except for this past week, during which it has become painfully (ha) clear that I'm overdoing it, over extended, and over committed. When I realized sometime around 4 pm Friday that I can no longer comfortably carry either boy for longer than 15 seconds, it occurred to me that I'd better embrace this newfound infirmity before it progresses because 7 weeks is a looooong time for mommy to be out of commission.

After a glorious trip to the chiropractor this morning and lots of 'no's' to stuff I would otherwise have loved to accomplish over the weekend, I'm feeling less like I've been in a crippling car accident and more like I'm just 8 months pregnant. For the third time in four years. I always forget this part at the end where the gym doesn't soothe what ails me, but rather seems to inflame what aches me. Still, I am committed to the socialization of my pre-schoolers 90 glorious and child free minutes each afternoon between me and HGTV, so I'll probably keep going if only to creep along on a treadmill to the sound of bad pop music while my offspring learn important life lessons like how many consecutive loops of Cars can they rack up before the movie gets switched to some other animated masterpiece, and how many kids there are in the world named Hadley/Peyton/Hunter whose gender is a mystery revealed only by the sparkles on their footwear. Or lack thereof.

We've been doing lots of crafty things like shoving pipe cleaners in colanders, cutting newspapers into shreds with safety scissors, and gluing pieces of paper to other pieces of paper. Oh, and making lots and lots of buntings. To hang in every room. Pretty much 110% stimulating for all parties involved. 
Put a bunting on it.
One thing I am inordinately proud of is the slightly ghetto "Mass kit" I cobbled together via my favorite recycled retail establishment, which Joey has fallen deeply and profoundly in love with. 

I give him water to make wine with (he's a miraculous little chap) and rice crackers for hosts, and then he spreads his goods across the 'altar' of our coffee table and goes to town. 

Old liturgy of the hours book (breviary?), Spanish silver(!) 'chalices,' World Market coasters-turned-patens, and some assorted glassware for purification purposes. And of course Target RE brand altar clothes and purificators. Only the finest in liturgical vesting in this house. Bananas optional.
He begs me to read parts of the Eucharistic prayers to him and then he parrots them back and let me tell you right now: hearing a 3 year old solemnly intone "take this bwead, Lord" is the best thing you've ever laid ears on.
Stripes, the other liturgical color.
He is still not super engaged at actual Mass, but boy does he love calling the shots from his mini sanctuary in the living room. (Lest any vocational predictions arise, he also spends about 60% of the time he's 'saying' Mass talking about how he is going to be a daddy, so we're thinking he's got a Byzantine streak...)
Fr. Joseph and his faithful deacon, "Garry"
I'm trying to consciously choose what stays and what gives as we head into this most favorite of liturgical seasons (mine, anyway) and so far that looks like no gift-giving (aside from the bare minimum), no Christmas cards (in lieu of early January birth announcements), and a very limited social engagements calendar punctuated by the occasional dinner party, feast day celebration, baby shower and bridal shower. So far all my siblings and I have planned fall/winter weddings, which is both weird and fun, and that coupled with the 10 immediate family birthdays we have from September-January means crazy partying all yuletide long. So, let the games begin. I might be watching from the couch, and I might be planning to let my 3-year-old trick or treat in his Superman pajamas on Thursday night. In light snow. Lowered expectations, I've got 'em.


  1. I enjoyed the comment about the "Byzantine streak" :-) But that's still awesome that he loves to imitate the Mass so much. I need to start hunting out some parts for a little Mass kit for our little man.

  2. Oh my goodness, those mass boys are adorable.

  3. Very nice score on the breviary! And, no, it's not old. That's the same one we're still using. I opted for the 4-volume, but had my eye on the single volume Christian Prayer for a long time. Revisions are in the process, but it could take years before we see new breviaries. Praying the Divine Office is wonderful. I know you're super busy, but many lay people start out with just saying Compline (Night's short, fast, and soothing) before moving on to the other hours. "Garry" cute!

  4. I'm glad you're slowing down Jenny! It can be frustrating to be unable to get off the couch for a while, and I know I get tired of it by the end, but it really pays off when you're growing a whole baby human and everything. I think the picking up of toddlers is the hardest thing when you're pregnant. The only pregnancy I had where all my ex-utero children could walk for themselves was Max's pregnancy and I couldn't get over how much more energy I had and how good I felt! But, what can we fertile myrtles do?!

  5. I hear you ... I haven't been able to hold Michael for about two months, and it's tough, even on just a practical level! Hang in there!

    I love the Mass kit!

  6. Ha! I love the Mass kit!! Great idea.

  7. Oh my goodness, that Mass kit is AMAZING!!!! I love it!!!!

  8. I love that Mass kit idea, Jenny! You so crafty. I've been feeling the back pain, too. I was (almost) totally fine, until one day I was halfway across a huge grocery store parking lot and I almost crumpled to the ground. I think my sciatic nerve got pinched just right, and I had to hobble slowly the rest of the way, face contorted in pain, avoiding eye contact (because if you don't see them, they can't see you, right? my philosophy on embarrassing public moments...). I've found I can't sit on the floor that much, and I have to be so careful of form when doing anything (picking up toys, kids, etc). This post is a good reminder that its not just me, and its okay to slow down.

  9. I cannnnnot get enough Dr. Teal's when pregnant. After baby? Don't even care about it. Weird.

  10. Love, love, love the Mass kit and the fact that your son pretends to be a priest! And, honestly, it makes me feel a little better about my mothering that he also says he wants to be a dad. I read a lot of Catholic blogs and it seems like many of the kids want to be priests or nuns. Meanwhile, my kids have both voiced that they aren't interested in those vocations because they would be "too hard" or "too lonely". (And, sadly, enough, "too boring".) Always makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong?!

  11. I am just completely smitten with your Mass kit!

  12. Good girl. Your body is telling you that it need to rest and you need to listen to it. I had a rude awakening after my 4th baby with some unexpected issues because I wasn't taking it easy per doctor's orders. You're finishing up growing an entire human person - give yourself a break!!

  13. So, just wanted to say, I am glad there is a you in the blogging world. #truestory #iusehashtags

  14. I saw the pictures of your sweet boys playing "Mass" and had to call my husband over. Stripes, the new liturgical color--hysterical :) Love it. And we saw the top of the picture with the two boys together, and my husband says, "Oh look, he's got a deacon," then saw your caption. We have boys about the same ages, and I'm going to try and make a Mass kit too. Terrific idea and obviously quite wonderful sons!


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