Wednesday, October 16, 2013

5 Favorites: 3rd Trimester

I actually love the beginning of the final trimester, because I'm usually all like heeeey, I'm totally in my third trimester and I feel fine. And I look fine, too! I then promptly forget about the misery that is month 9-10, and convince myself that I'm really only going to gain 20-something big ones this time around and that I am the fittest preggo to ever ascend the elliptical machine.

It's basically my pregnancy honeymoon, month 7 is. Though I did have my first "You look just about ready to give birth!" run in with an elderly cashier at Walgreens earlier this week, who followed up with a knowing, "Oh, well, it must be a big baby boy!" Ummm, nope and nope. But thank you kindly for the helpful observations.

Anywho, the favorites:

1. Comparison shots. Even more helpful than googling "30 week pregnant belly" is looking at your own 30 week pregnant belly, the early years. I couldn't find one of Joey's pregnancy from exactly 30 weeks, but I was gargantuan with him pretty much the entire last trimester thanks to some hydroamniosis and, I suspect, my daily White Cheddar Cheezit habit. (Megan, if you're reading this, I blame you as a co-conspirator.) For JP, in true second born style, I have like, 2 pictures from the entire pregnancy, one at 20 something weeks and one at 39 weeks, neither of which worked, so, sorry son. At least you're getting siblings out of the deal.

33(?) weeks - Joey. And yes, we had professional maternity shoot. In a botanical garden. Nothing says obnoxious like juxtaposing your burgeoning belly with blooming foliage. 
30 weeks - Genevieve. Please forgive the half belly caused by ill-fitting non-maternity yoga pants. Get thee to an overpriced maternity store this weekend, I will.
2. Weekly self-manicures. My current color obsession is navy and gold, and I've been keeping my fingers uncharacteristically polished, telling myself that it's now or never in the personal hygiene/relaxation department. I've literally locked the boys in the backyard in order to feed the addiction. Judge away, anons.
(Not my grown out bare cuticles, ftr.)
3. Waking up at night. No, I'm being serious. Not being woken up by angry toddlers, mind you, but the sort of restless 2 or 3 am waking where you realize, with some relief, it's only hunger or the urgent need to pee for the 18th time since 10 pm that's calling, and not a squalling newborn kitten begging for more milk. The feeling of being able to go back to sleep upon waking unexpectedly is sheer bliss. Bliss, I tell you.

4. Can I talk about my Blanqi again? No? Okay, I'm just going to go ahead and give them one more shout out, lest anyone out there in retail land be reading and feel the need to send another one or four my way just because, well then, by all means. 
I'll take one in this color, per favore I want one in every color, and I want a couple more that are regular length versus the long that I originally ordered, which, don't get me wrong, I love for its ass-shaping capacity, but looks goofy pulled halfway down my thighs over jeans. Though, in its defense, it does hold up the stupid jeans. Why don't full panel maternity jeans stay up? Any thoughts? Besides my huge, huge ass? Heard enough about my ass in today's post? Thought so.

5. If Pope Francis had a ghostwriter, I think she'd be Simcha Fisher. 

I could not put this down last night, and seriously had several 'aha, gonna pray about that' moments while reading. I'm 60% through the Kindle version and I'm la-la-loving it to death. Or to life, perhaps more appropriately.

Happy fall, y'all. Hopefully Hallie's got more of the good stuff 'round her place.


  1. Great list!
    May the feeling wonderful last and last!

  2. #3: I was just telling a friend today about my insomnia/lack of sleep lately and then I qualified, "But I'm not complaining!" Because I really wasn't! I mean, it makes for sleepy mornings, but honestly there are worse things than lying in bed and not sleeping.

    #5: Just downloaded it last night. Can't wait to start!

  3. Ok, this cracked me up. You're hilarious! You look great lady! Keep growing that baby! And FYI, I've put on weight since I had my third... Haha! I might be in trouble this time around.

  4. those shirts looks awesome. And I'm the size of a pre-teenager....and those maternity pants don't stay up on my butt either. So it has nothing to do with your butt and everything to do with crappy pants.

    1. Amen.

      And I love that professional picture of you!

    2. you're both so sweet. And I guess I will stop wondering whether I should upgrade from my cheek skimming old navy skinnies in the hopes that 'more expensive jeans will look great.' I think you just saved October's budget.

  5. You're so funny. And you look wonderful pregnant.

    Believe it or not, this post actually made me very nostalgic for the days when I could procreate--and my last pregnancy was 21 years ago! I have granddaughters close to the ages of your little boys!

  6. I'm with you on the inconsistent preg photos, but I'm not with you on the flawless nails?!? I think mine looked that good the day I got married and ever since I've been stuffing them in my armpits. And speaking of nails...I might be trying your pedicure labor induction technique here in a couple days. Though I think trying to give MYSELF a pedicure might be enough...

    I will definitely be going Blanqi for my next pregnancy...I'm sick of glimpsing that tummy crescent at the base of all my shirts.

    1. I had not thought of a self induction via that about two for one!

  7. Your mani is flawless and therefore, I dislike you ;). Love the color...who makes it...definitely try sand in my suit by OPI and metro chic (Sephora by OPI), you won't go wrong....

  8. haha, I laughed about the Cheezits. Never again. Cross my heart. And girl, you look fabulous. And what with Halloween, Thanksgiving, nesting/Christmas/BABY....all coming up, this last trimester is going to fly by! Keep hanging in there! I have got to try navy! I have been keeping my nails unusually polished as well! I suppose it's my "me" time, keeps me feeling human, feminine and pretty in the midst of all the nursing and diaper changing. Just bought a new color today (dark gray) and did not even consider navy. Next time.


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