Monday, October 14, 2013

Fuel Efficiency

I don't have it. Perched here at 30 weeks I'm juuust starting to remember the thrills of pregsomnia, so at 5:57 am when I sprang out of bed with a clatter, I decided to just start mah day off right: with black espresso and a super clean refrigerator.

By 8 am all mouths were fed, the fridge was emptied, scrubbed, shined, polished, and reassembled, and Dave was off to work uncharacteristically early, so I called an audible and took the fearsome twosome to Mass. Joey lamented bitterly upon hearing of our intended destination "but it's NOT a Mass day. We went yesterday." Touche, kid, but I have this crazy idea that repeated exposure will yield desirable results in the behavior department, and so off we went.


I exited the sanctuary after 32 minutes of intense wrestling and whispered ecclesiology lessons, soaked in sweat down to my newly-polished Fryes and ready to hit up Saver's for a quick inventory check (Ann Taylor cardi in peacock blue, LOFT tank large enough to fake maternity style, and Liz Lange two toned t-shirt dress, $17 dolla) and then it was off to story time at the local helicopter parent pad, complete with waving scarves, literally 40+ children between the ages of 1 and 4, and a very effective story telling librarian wearing a trachea mic. (Is that such a thing? It was a computer dangling from a string over her voicebox. And I found it terrifying.)

Basically we had an amazing morning. But I think I robbed Peter blind in so doing, because Paul was dead on the couch by 12:45 pm, unable to do much of anything during the blissful beginning of nap time aside from surfing Pinterest (basically pumpkin porn at this time of year) and check, re-check, repeat the online bank account in search of a pending paycheck. But alas, the 14th is not the 15th, and money doesn't grow on trees nor does it manifest by the sheer force of will or page refreshes. C'est la vie.

In summation, busy and efficient mornings in the third trimester yield equal and opposite afternoons. Now I'm off to mentally redecorate my tan wasteland of a family room using only my imagination and the power of the interior design blogosphere. Wish me luck.


  1. I am tired just READING about your morning and I am nowhere near pregnant (all jokes aside). And I find that if I'm too productive before noon, the rest of the day is shot, so slow and steady. It's also worth mentioning that it's 2:36pm and I am still bra-less so that tells you how productive we've been around here today.

  2. Jenny, you are hysterical! You're writing is so lively and interactive, I enjoy hearing your voice through your commentary. My friend Maggie (Helow) Peetz recommnded your blog to me (because I JUST started my own blog) and I am so glad she did. I look forward to following you and hearing more! Best!!


  3. bahahaha, pumpkin porn. I like pumpkin, but why must we pumpkin allll the things? Someday I'm going to come to Denver, hit up that Savers and score some awesome deals... which would be cancelled out by the expense of the drive to Denver, but you know, the thrill of the hunt and all.

  4. I totally agree with your conclusion, Jenny. Productive morning for me equals more afternoon television for my kids. I just can't seem to strike that magical (chimerical?) balance!


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