Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sede Vacante

Our Pope, our little pope, he's gone.

We watched his helicopter take off from behind the Vatican walls tonight, on a big screen in St. Peter's Square with a couple thousand of our closest friends.

Just when it seemed like he had flown out of sight for good, we saw onlookers atop nearby roofs waving at the sky, and turned to see the Papal helicopter coming in for a final pass over the crowd in the piazza.

When Pope Benedict emerged from the Apostolic Palace tonight my throat closed up, and when a sweet Italian man in his late 40s knelt before the aging pontiff to kiss his Fisherman's ring, I burst into tears.

Here was the driver of the world's most famous Mercedes Benz, the Popemobile, paying his last respects to his departing boss.

I have nothing profound to add to the conversation much of the world is having tonight, except to express both gratitude and sorrow: gratitude for a man whose love transcended human bonds, whose deep humility guided his pontificate and his decision to step aside and let another take his place, and sorrow for the world whose rejection, hatred, and scorn he must surely have known every day of his papacy.

But then, the One he serves was treated much the same.

God bless you, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, Roman Pontiff. A father who can no longer care for his children will always choose to entrust their care to another more capable than he rather than see them suffer for his lack. We understand. But it doesn't lessen the pain of your leaving much.

Still, gentle Papa, in your own words to us this evening...buona notte.


  1. Thank you for these pictures and words.

  2. This is beautiful. (And what a time to be in Rome.)

  3. Oh, my. I thought I had done with the tears. I agree: what an awesome time to live in Rome. Thank you for sharing.

  4. What a sweet farewell; I got all teary reading this. Buona notte, papa.

  5. I can't believe how amazing your posts lucky girl!!
    Love your style. I'm a huge fan already. (BTW I grabbed the abortion ticker off your sidebar; I have been looking for just that one and it is impossible to find via google! Thanks)
    I hear you on the comments ( your 7 QTs post) Don't worry abt replying. You ahve enough going on....
    And can I say, CO is the most beau spot in the world....coming from a Queens - person - who - wishes - she - lived - out - west.

    Keep 'em kids ( 12 and 10) could not get enough of your pics yesterday. They were scrolling around and just taking it all in. ...They were in awe that "mom's friend" has a child who was kissed by the pops. Very cool and absolutely jaw dropping.
    Love it. Have a wonderful day:)


  6. Wonderful words. Glad to know I wasn't the only one crying, although it was probably more moving in stereo!


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