Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Water, water everywhere...

But Mommy doesn't want to share.

Not anymore, suckers. 

That's right, you can't dip your fingers into my brand new Nalgene, and you can't coax snotty little sips from me because, sigh, it's easier than getting up and getting another cup for you to drink 2 sips out of before running away…

This one's all Mommy's. Day 3 - bought myself a water bottle. 

I also made a conscious decision to spend nap time (all three down at once, first time!!) eating a leisurely lunch in silence, catching up on internets, and sipping Pellegrino with lit candles burning on the coffee table in front of me. Normally this precious daily interlude finds me frantically cleaning and reassembling the house, so that when the boys awake they can - wait for it - trash it all over again so I can repeat the process after bedtime. 

Why am I cleaning my house twice every day? Am I crazy? Quite possibly. 

So yeah, the floors look pretty sick right now, but I'm probably going to have time to pray a rosary and possibly even eat a lara bar before anyone makes a needy squeak. I'd consider that a fair trade. 

p.s. Katrina and Kris and Lucy and all kinds of fun mamas are playing along…are you taking good care of yourself today?

p.p.s. Mama Needs Coffee is Sheenazing…who knew? Voting begins tomorrow at Bonnie the magnificent multitasker's.


  1. Jenny, I love that you are doing this! Susan from Sole Searching Mama is doing something like this every Monday too…have you read her last two posts? I love getting inspiration from the both of you :)

    Also, I’ve found that having a cup - or two- of warm/hot water in the morning (before eating anything) helps increase my water intake…as well as helping a whole host of other issues, digestively and otherwise. Warm water, who knew?

    1. Squeeze a little lemon juice in that, too and it will really be good for you!

  2. Today, in the spirit of 30 days, I chose to get up rather than sleep an extra half an hour. This enabled my husband to go to the gym in the am, so that I can go to the gym as soon as he gets home (too cold to take the kids out today!). 7Qt will record my weekly progress of wellness. :) I'm 'cited. great plan

  3. Today I bought myself the nursing bra I've been wanting to try forever (Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra). I've been holding out because it's $44, instead I have been trying to get by with old wrung out Walmart and Target duds. This feels like quite an extravagence. It's a great bra - no more underwires digging or misshapen cups after one wash. I have a feeling these small things will amount to a lot.

  4. What is it about dipping fingers into cups of water? If I had a dollar for every time I've caught Evie dipping her hands into my large cup o' water...I could probably buy a water bottle. :)

  5. I need a good water bottle that is easy to clean (the only dishwasher we have around here is me) and that the kids won't spill. I'm glad you got the kids to nap at the same time! It's a game changer. Today I spent the kids' nap time reading blogs, doing a bit of writing, and relaxing. It was just long enough to recharge for the rest of the day!

  6. I have my own water bottle too - and no one is allowed to use it and it lives in a separate cabinet from the rest of them. Because there is nothing worse than a water bottle that someone else has chewed on. Today, I got a hair cut and some color. I already had the appointment, so it's kind of cheating, but it was something just for me!

  7. Oh, I so need to drink more water! And my house - ugh. So not clean. And company that is not related to me comes tomorrow. Blaaaaah.

  8. the goodness of a leisurely lunch is always underestimated! AND SO worth the effort to sit yourself down and let go of the million things you could be doing. I meant to do it today and ended up working on articles and scarfing down 10 cookies. #reallife


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