Sunday, January 26, 2014

Get up get up and get Downton

My one good thing today? Downton Abbey.

On the couch, cup of tea in hand, candles lit, and (surprisingly appropriately) sitting up nice and straight, which I've been consciously working on. It turns out that being pregnant frequently and nursing constantly makes one into hunchy sort of creature. And hunching does not portray the sleekest of profiles, shall we say.

So, back straight, chest out, chin up, and enjoy a hot cuppa while everybody's favorite Brits angst it out on the small screen.


  1. Thank you for fixing my posture while I read this post! Apparently taking refuge in the internet is not great for proper posture either!

  2. I just started this series (yes, I'm typically late to the game), but I love it! And, I could sit up a little straighter as well :)

  3. we live the same life. Miss you.


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