Monday, March 4, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

It's Spring in Rome!

So I'll wear the same outfit I've worn 4 other Sundays, except I'll take off my jacket! (As soon as I'm done showing off my pockets.)
What do you do when you're too fat/poor/busy to shop in Italian clothing stores? Accessorize! (What makes you think that silver isn't sterling, or that my Gabanna isn't dolce, just out of curiosity?)
Just thrilled to be participating.

I don't know...maybe a mutual discussion about how very pregnant I look 10 months postpartum? Or something about those big Senour guns?

No sooner had I turned my attention back to my photographer than we discovered someone (ahem, a very competent mother) hadn't set the stroller brake. Naturally I snapped a pic before running after him. My heart's in the right place.
Outfitted by:

Banana Republic Outlet: dress
Frye: boots
Gap: blazer
Something close-ish to Forever XXI, emphasis on the Roman numerals: belt/pregnancy simulator
Shades: Nigerian import. Hot off the press.
Earrings: 1 Euro, baby. Nothing's turned green yet...

Ladies, FLAP yourselves.


  1. Love that you forgot to set the stroller break and took a photo before rescuing him! Ha! The dress looks cute with a skinny belt. I need to accessorize more!

  2. You look sweet and sassy in your Lenten purple dress. I love it with the boots. And your famous baby looks super-sweet.

    You made me laugh a few times. Thank you. Needed that very much!

  3. Love you, girlie. And I need to talk to you about the differences between the British version of Downton Abbey vs. the American version that Patrick brought to our attention yesterday. WTF. And you look beautiful. I can't participate in WIWS b/c I usually wear a pair of Apt9/Kohl's pants that I accidentally cut a hole into while wrapping Christmas presents this year.

    I always comment. Do I look stalker-ish? Hmm...

  4. Love your boots and earrings! And if my kids were young enough to need a double stroller again, I would totally have stroller envy!

  5. Jenny, you look great! Miss you and the boys : )

  6. You could wear a different outfit every week and I wouldn't notice because my eyes are drawn to the boot every.single.time.
    "Forgive me father, I lust after Frye designer boots on a daily basis."

    Also, I STALK your blog even more now that you're gone, but can't bring myself to comment because I will just sound whiny and pathetic.

    I think I just come live with you instead. (but really, I'm gonna be in Rome early August, and I'm not sure when exactly I'll be leaving, if ever's that for an inappropriate self-invite?)

  7. Everything, so cute. Being in Rome, so spectacular. But SPRING! Oh, Spring! the most wonderful thing of all!

  8. What are you talking about?! You have a beautiful figure and love that dress!
    Your little one is adorable by the way:)
    Have a lovely day ahead~


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