Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes from a Crazy, Crazy Week

Alternate title: 7 places my kid's face has been on the news throughout the world. Too obnoxious? Yeah, me too.

1. But obviously this was the highlight of our little family's week, followed by write ups here and here, a phone interview here (don't read the comments, you might have a rage-induced stroke), a screenshot here and a shout out from my favoritest boss in the world here. Plus a couple of filmed broadcasts via EWTN and the Italian national news channel (but I will just send those directly to you, Mom, okay?) As for the other million or so more-than-usual-visitors who made their way to my humble corner of the internet this week: thank you! I'm sorry most of what I write is not quite so exciting, and I'm also sorry for the occasional curse word (happy, Dave?) which sneaks its way into my riveting sleep-training rants. Speaking of...

2. JP, despite his newfound celebrity, is taking it all in stride, still staunchly refusing to sleep in the daylight hours unless strapped to my chest via the Ergo-maybe-I-can-pee-while-wearing...nope-Baby carrier, though he is putting in a more acceptable 9 hours overnight. At least that's what the non-earplugged members of the household tell me.

3. Last night was so emotional. After being fully immersed for weeks in Vatican biznez, I wasn't sure I'd have a tear left to spare once Papa finally bid us all adieu. But the moment his helicopter bounced on its hydraulic helicopter wheels (technically speaking) and made off for the setting Roman sunset, I lost my composure. Luckily, a helpful and not at all creepy or disrespectful Czech cameraman was there to hand me a tissue stick his giant ass video camera in my face and proceed to film for 90 or 120 very painful and snot saturated seconds. I thought if I avoided eye contact he would cease and desist, but barring results via that tactic, I opted for plan B and blew my nose repeatedly into John Paul's fleece hoodie while studying the back of his neck.

4. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong by not responding to every single comment I get? I am super awkward in real life, I promise, and I regularly entertain thoughts like 'If I make the first phone call to arrange this playdate between our kids, does that make me seem desperate?' and 'I hope he understood that my nervous winking thing wasn't so much a come on as it was a facial tick.' So sometimes I just don't know what to say to a comment besides, 'hey, thank you so much, I can't believe you took the time to read something that I wrote AND react to it.' But that is precisely my sentiment each and every time. Seriously, comments...they make my life. Like a sale at Banana Republic + a recently-deposited paycheck in the bank. That's how good they make me feel.

(Except when they're coming from you, you Polish troll. You know who you are. And you can crawl back into your pirogi-lined troll hole.)

5. Is now a good time to admit that based largely upon recommendations from some of my most trusted arts and culture advisers, I have opted to pay $2 per episode to download and consume episodes of the Bachelor on iTunes? God bless America, land that I miss...

6. Needless to say, I'll be bringing you lots more original (though perhaps not necessarily riveting or well-written) content from Rome as the Papal Conclave gets underway. I don't claim to be much of a theologian, having completed approximately 1/4 of my theology MA (sorry, mom and dad...but hey, grandkids!), but I know enough to communicate to you fine people the basic gist of what is happening in this historic time for the Roman Catholic Church, and I couldn't be more blessed to be here in the heart of it all, so come back for updates. And advice on where to buy tequila in Italy and the very best off-brand foreign diapers.
Not a bad view of a not-bad view.
7. Jen, thanks for the shout out. Now I've had 2 Catholic celebrity encounters this week.


  1. Don't feel the need to respond to comments. Celebrities don't have time for things like that :)

  2. While stuck in Kansas, I'm just going to keep enjoying your reports from overseas and live vicariously. That said, I think you should start stocking away things the baby touches all year, and get ready to sell them in a, "My Baby Hugged the Pope and then touched This" Etsy shop come Christmas time. Just a thought ...;)

  3. I think, the fact that God choose you to live in fancy Rome during this magical time is fantastic. Also, I know your husband. So, first I saw your baby on Good Morning America (which I didn't realize until I read your post) and then, someone facebook shared a picture of your baby and said, 'I went to college with the dad'. And I went to college with the girl that posted it. SO....I clicked. And yes, 'I went to college with the dad too!'. Anyway, small world, or very few faithful decide :)

  4. I seriously feel like I could've written #4. I never know if I should respond to every comment, even though they MAKE my WEEK, and I'm always self-conscious that I'm the aggressive pursuant of play dates.

    It's pretty cool you're in Rome for such an historic time in our Church. Keep up the documentation. You're the only news I'm reading on the subject. (I hate the news. See: comments you told me not to read under that article featuring your son. People are disgusting.)

  5. You weren't joking about the comments producing a stroke. I've read a lot of them, but this was just plain awful.

    I love you, love your blog and love that you are refreshingly honest, even if it means a few cusswords, cause that's who you are.

  6. Also, what about hulu plus for the might be worth it for the american shows:)

  7. I didn't realize until now that *the* baby of the moment was yours, dear Jenny. What a treasure of an experience. Thank you for sharing.

    It is just amazing that you are where you are "at such a time as this."

    And don't sweat #4. I used to be much more shy and "what will people think of me." It has worn off a little, and I just do whatever feels genuine.

  8. I saw your blog first about the baby, but then I have been seeing his little head ALL over the place - TV, Facebook, etc. Is it creepily-stalkerish that I keep telling people "that's my friend, Jenny's, baby". Vicarious celebrity through blog reading??!!

  9. I love Mary's comment above. I knew your hubby at Steubenville too . . . I was the RD of the hall next to his. And, of course, the whole "Little Flower Run" connection . . . it is a small world. I found yoru blog a while a go and started commenting when I finally figured out how I "know" you.

    I so wish my hubby got sent to Rome for the conclave. There was really no reason for him to for his job, but since his boss is staffing Cardinal Dolan, there may have been a slim chance. I wanted to live vicariously through him!

    The Bachelor?? It sucked me in too. I have no idea how I get so into that show . . . I complain about so many of the people on it and how crazy he is for keeping some around . . . but I still watch!

  10. Your week made my week!! I am so happy for you!!! I'm looking forward to more fellow Catholic-mom coverage from Rome ;-)

  11. And to think...this is all because your family gave God your "yes" and moved to Rome! What a blessing for your faithful discernment :-)

  12. I'm popping Aspirin from the stroke I just had reading those ignorant comments on KDVR.

    So much in these quick takes made me laugh that I might have to come back and re-read them again (times 5).

  13. I'm so glad little JP got a farewell kiss. Sweetest. Thing. Everrrrrr.

    Girl! Save yo'self $2! Get a VPN. Buy a year's worth of service so hulu and abc etc THINK you're in America...then you can watch ALL THE SHOWS. Speaking from expat experience. Sanity saver.

  14. i love your blog!!! a friend just shared your space with me - and i am eating it up!!! i think i will live vicariously through you now - ROME!?!? WITH your family?! you are blessed. oooooh and the Pope kissed your kid?!?!? haha. as a fellow Catholic blogger this made my heart glad :-) XO

  15. Um, hope you don't mind, but I have been bragging about your Pope encounter all week. And, to make things less awkward in real life, I've just been telling people that you're my friend Jenny. Because otherwise I would have to say an Internet blogger I read and that makes me sound weird. As if I'm not.

  16. As for those ignorant comments, they best be ignored and prayers go out for those people who don't experience the joys of the pure of heart! Viva le Papa!


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