Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple again, even though Mass was an abysmal C- for one naughty 2 year old, and I didn't actually get photographed in my church clothes.

Moving on. All fancy photos courtesy of my handsome husband who encouraged me to frolic on the front lawn while our mysterious neighbor's roommate's wife (does that make sense? Me neither.) smoked sullenly against the side of her Chevy Fiesta and eyed our crazy up and down.

Casual hair tuck.

Not a Honda commercial. (Okay, maybe a little bit. 2003 Honda Accord LX, anyone? Our buyer fell through today.)

The decidedly-casual-not-for-Mass outfit details:
Top: Old Navy (thrifted)
Necklace: Target
Jeans: Express. Full price. Because of this.
Shoes: Blowfish (thrifted)
Tank: Kirkland's Best (because I'm worth it.)

Onward and upward to Advent.

I'll be off facebook, instacrack and all other non-work related forms of social media for the 'little Lent' of Advent, and boy oh boy do I need it. I have been a festering ball of stress and emotional instability all week long, culminating in a voluntary 4 am wake-up yesterday in anticipation of our somewhat underwhelming 'indoor garage sale,' in which we sold approximately 1/3 of our earthly possessions, which is 2/3 less than we needed to.

Trying so hard not to freak out every hour, on the hour, about what needs to get done, and instead focus on what is being done for us, i.e. by God, Who is actually in control of this and all situations.

Also trying verrrrry hard not to think about the 2/3 of a pack of Camel Lights resting somewhere in the bottom of my trash can. Stress habit or not, it was becoming something of a hindrance to my mile time and to my ability to smell not awful when Dave gets home from work.


  1. Aw, sorry about your 2 year old at Mass. My babe was a nut at Mass today too, and I don't think I really got anything out of it unfortunately.

    I commend you for doing such intense things to prepare during Advent. I hope you de-stress and find Christmas relaxing and holy!

    Good for you for kicking the cig habit too...I'm sure you're already motivating yourself pretty well but here's another person telling you that you're awesome for fighting that bad habit!
    -Kendra, Fine Linen and Purple

  2. I love the color of your top! Wish I had your thrifting luck. :) Hope selling/packing goes well for you, I'll send some prayers your way!

  3. I always think that I should try an Internet fast. It seems like all the cool Catholic ladies are doing it these days. Then, I'm all like, no.

  4. Those jeans are worth full price, I think. Did you, like, go to a real store? And try stuff on? I'm trying to wrap my mind around how this process works...

  5. Great Colors on you!! And I can feel your "child at Mass" pain. There are some Sundays I think my 5yo and 3yo are there for my penance or something. Hope to see you more after your fast!!

  6. c-c-c-cutest. love the hair tuck .... I'm a big fan myself. I'm not so casual about it though.

    and you are looking GOOD. truly.

    good luck with the smoking cessation ... I think you deserve them with the impending move but .... I'm a softie.

  7. I'm really impressed with your advent away from social media but... WHY DID I JUST NOW FIND YOU WHEN YOU ARE LEAVING!? Lol! Love the part about the tank top- had me cracking up.

  8. Looking good Mama!

    Wasn't that jean post awesome, I went out and bought some real non-mom jeans right after I read it last summer :)

  9. Pretty colour Jenny!
    And you deserve a large drink, I'd be going completely crazy so don't feel bad!

  10. I love your top. 3/4 sleeves! Red! Empire-waisted! Three of my favorite qualities in a top! I was a little bit hoping those were your church clothes so I was not the only one at WIWS in jeans and a top. Oh, well. You look lovely. Sweet, sweet babies.

  11. Been meaning to drop you a line for a while. Found your blog on seven quicks takes during election time (& I really admire your confidence). Been reading since then. Now, that you are moving, I am totally hooked. We are corporate gypsies & have to move every few years (moved twice with young kids). I know how tough it is (yet I've never had to sell everything & move overseas-- CRAZY). You are hardcore. Love your confidence. Love your faith. Please keep your blog updated (although I totally understand the need for silence sometimes). Good luck with your move. Praying for your family.

  12. I've totally been there with the cigarettes-in-the-garbage-temptation... you can do it! I love this outfit, especially the color of the top. It looks amazing on you!

  13. You look so cute! I espec. love the top & shoes. Will you please continue participating even after you move to Rome? Then you can make us all jealous of the amazing Italian garb you'll be sporting.
    And, if you ship to VA we will take all of your furniture!

  14. Dear Jenny,

    You should wear red every day.

    Love, Sarah : )

    and please reconsider your move, ps


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