Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I Wore Sunday: Advent Cheer Edition

Awkward pregnant/Napoleon hand. Neither is relevant, promise.

Trying my bestest to look like everyone's drunk Irish uncle. Succeeding wildly.

Generationally awkward. I promise, Joey was striking this same pose seconds before.

2/3 of these things are not as brooding as the other...

The skinny:

Dress: off-brand, thrifted
Jacket: Talbot's (don't judge me): thrifted
Shoes: JCrew, thrifted
Necklace: Target
Bracelet: Helzberg
Children: shared a (bleepity bleep bleep bleep) room last night! Maybe some of us slept, maybe not. But they had eachother to torment. Revenge is mine, sayeth the mom.

Happiest 2nd Sunday of Advent. Hope yours is spent drinking seasonal beer, watching the snow fly, and checking facebook for nothing new.

Off to the link up you go.


  1. I really like your jacket! I am a huge fan of blazers.

  2. Love the blazer, Talbots is classic and you can never go wrong. never. never.
    hang in there with the room sharing. good times ahead. trust me ;-)

  3. All I can think is cuteness! Very cheery :)

  4. "checking facebook for nothing new"- you took the words right out of my brain!

    Love the blazer + dress. I'll forgive you Talbots because it was thrifted. If you had GONE to Talbots...

  5. What an on-spot assessment of my current Advent season. Cute jacket- no judgment involved.

  6. My youngest two just started sharing a room as well and it's bleeping awesome up in here too. But you're not rocking the dark under eye circles with that stylish ensemble yet, and maybe within a few nights everything will be fine...(she typed with dark eye circles and a stiff drink next to the keyboard.)
    Always look forward to your WIWS.

  7. The jacket looks great with the dress!

  8. Too cute for my life. Love the blazer look!

  9. My drunk Irish uncle is much more hairy and red in the face. YOU, look great :)

  10. I'm totally impressed this outfit was thrifted! It looks totally legit and I love the dress!

    And the boys are so squeezable...

  11. That dress is gorgeous, Jenny! You look so great. And may I say, your kids are super stylish, too, what with the fedora and the argyle =)


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