Sunday, November 25, 2012

What I Wore Sunday

'What's that dear? Look drunk and pregnant? We'll try our best.'
How about a careless 80's pose against a timeless corrugated steel-garage-door-backdrop? 

Lifetouch portraits called, the want to know if we're available to do 5th grade class portraits for Miss Schroeder's class next week.
Okay, now put the jacket on and let the baby Mike Tyson your ear candy.

And a sassy hip pop.


'There, there, mom. Don't worry about that muffin top, all eyes are on me anyway.'
The lowdown:
Jacket: American Eagle, thrifted
Top: Apartment 9, thrifted
Skirt: Ralph Lauren (now I see why it was at el outlet mall)
Boots: Madden Girl (think Steve's bratty little sister)

Angry toddler: a scowl and Children's Place, head-to-StrideRight-toes, thrifted
Happy baby: Izod, Children's Place and Pediped, you guessed it, thrifted.

What do you mean there's no Goodwill in Italy?

Hold me.

(And a big thanks to the ladies of Fine Linen and Purple for getting us to Mass on time for the first Sunday in, oh, I don't know...ever?)


  1. You look incredible! Cannot believe you are moving out of the country, that pretty much destroys all chances of living int he same town and being besties. does this mean you won't be back to visit the Bend any time soon?? Seriously, love that outfit!

    1. Oh Ana, thank you. I only wish we could live close enough for suicide missions to the GW with all combined offspring in tow. I feel like we miiiiight be back in the Bend in a year or so.

      Who knows, maybe after we're full up on culture and broke from our stint in Rome, we'll settle down in the midwest. Highly unlikely, but we did almost gag on the differences in housing prices last time we were home to visit Dave's parents. Holy hardwood-floors-and-granite-everything. Guess that's the tradeoff for your weather patterns...

  2. Ah, I do love cobalt; a fabulous color for anybody. Thanks for visiting my little blog today!

  3. Hey you look so cute! And it's so exciting that you can wear a skirt in November! Craziness!

    And your babies are getting so big,they're adorable!

  4. LOL such cute photos! Your boys are adorable!

  5. love the colors! might have to file them away for a someday outfit! love the poses. love the cute kiddos. love it. love it. love it.

  6. I know you're going to call me a liar, but I wore almost this EXACT outfit last Sunday. When I didn't blog. I swear! We are twinners!

    But your shirt is a better color and cuter.

  7. Always amazed with you patient thrifters :-)

    I knew I'd like you from your blog title alone. I'm a fellow coffee fan(atic).

  8. I just found your blog through this linkup, Jenny. Love your blue on blue; you look adorable!

  9. love the colors, the jacket, blah, blah, blah, WHAT'S THIS I READ ABOUT YOU MOVING OUT OF THE COUNTRY?!?!
    I've been behind on my blogs! You can't post stuff like this when I'm on a blog break!


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