Friday, November 2, 2012

7QT: The Election Edition

Just kidding. Wouldn't that be so terrible?

Holler at me, Jen.

1. But seriously, go vote on Tuesday. We got our vote on as a family this past Wednesday, and it feels so good to have checked that little box marked R (for Responsible) next to the future POTUS' name.

2. If you're somehow still undecided, (What? Seriously? After an election cycle this obnoxious? What kind of information are you still somehow lacking? Inseam measurements? Blood tests?) use these fine resources to help you make up your civic mind: Obama's soulless response to dying babies; what Joe Biden and co. really think of your vagina, et. al.; and how much money amorous liberal law students are willing to spend on their educations prodigious annual birth control costs.

3. w.t.f.

4. Now that you're appropriately informed, do yourself a favor and go buy lots and lots of alcohol this weekend. One way or another, we're going to need it come Tuesday.

5. We are in the middle of making Life Changing Decisions here at the homestead. I can't say I'm a huge fan of discernment, mostly because I have never been good at it and have frequently resorted to the baptized version of a Magic 8 Ball by opening my Bible to random passages in Psalms and/or flipping KLove on at odd intervals during a drive to see if Mercy Me has a throaty, warbling 'word' for me. So effective.

6. My little sweeties were dressed as Bl. Pierre Giorgio Frassati and Bl. John Paul II for yesterday's All Saint's Day festivities. And they didn't win.

I had to lock myself in a bathroom at the party and compose my crushed soul before I could properly participate in the evening's revelry. I am 14 years old. On that note...

7. TaySwift is killing it with her newest anthology of broken relationships. This one is my particular fave.

A very pleasant weekend to you fine people. As for us, we'll be waving Romney signs in front of ChickFilA tomorrow afternoon and trying not to think about this. Sob.


  1. Can you get in to watch Dave just to use the know, for irony's sake?

  2. hilar. literally everything you said about the elections is what I've been thinking...have you seen this video?
    wt to the f.

  3. I never considered using KLove to discern God's plan. Maybe that is why I've made so many bad decisions.
    #6, post some pics woman. Get your ego stroked by some online love. If you tell us the other participants all looked like they were dressed in grocery bags, we'll believe you.

  4. The kid who won best 'under 17' costume literally had a beard made out of cottonballs. And was 13. How can a cute baby compete with that?

    @ Hannabert, I accidentally deleted your comment via fatfingers on a smartphone. But I agree, DMB has been mercilessly breaking my inner hippie's heart for years now. How someone can make music of that caliber AND give to Planned Parenthood, I will never know...

    1. Obviously that contest was rigged. Ol' cotton beard can in no way compete with a baby dressed as Bl. JPII. Period. End of story.

  5. Re: #4 - I was pregnant during the 2008 election, and I'm pregnant again now. It seems so unfair, but perhaps God is trying to save me from a severe case of alcohol poisoning?

    And I too make all my big decisions by random KLove clips.


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