Monday, May 21, 2012

Hail, Steubenville...

If you don't know the song, then I pity/envy you. Pity for not having attended, and envy for not having it run rampant through your brain for days after an encounter of the graduation kind.

But seriously, all hail FUS.


  1. great. now that song will be in my head foreverrrrr. ha.

    but seriously, amen. proud to be an alum.

  2. uh oh. now it's running through my head... and it probably won't be out anytime soon!

  3. just checking in to see how Mr. JPF is treating you these days... Been wondering if while I am up at 2am and 4am and again at 5am feeding and feeding and feeding if you are too?!!?

  4. Is it bad that I don't know the song... and I attended? haha!


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