Tuesday, May 1, 2012

adjustments and alterations

Days postpartum: 12

Pounds lost thus far: 24

Hours slept thus far: see above (a correlation, I believe?)

Temper tantrums performed: 11 (Joey), 22 (Mommy), 3 (John Paul...all related to food scarcity or a perception thereof)

Minutes on the elliptical today (I love my husband): 25

Episodes of Dora: (daily average) 2

Adult beverages: (daily average) 1.2

Number of times per day John Paul farts so loudly I think a construction worker has broken into our home and is polluting it with flatulence: 35

In summary, I'm rapidly losing my baby weight*, my mind, my patience and my sense of humor...oh wait, nope, that's still largely intact. It has to be, for whenever Joey sees my bare stomach and newly concave belly button he points, squishes and giggles out the word 'beebee!'

Humility. I has it.

(*lest anyone get the wrong idea, I easily have 30 + lbs more to lose...this is no falsely self-deprecating 'omg I get skinny sooooo fast after I pop one out, tee hee hee.

We just love our new foreign exchange student/nanny/language instructor... 


  1. i cant believe you only average 2 episodes of dora.

  2. Hope you manage to get some more sleep soon...I recall that being the hardest adjustment!

  3. Joey is contained, entertained and fed, well done! I do the exact same thing.

  4. I am with Abri- video intake tripled at least when B was born. I just seriously pray that 1 to 2 is the hardest (despite what every "encouraging" mother says when they say things like "oh, once you have 5 it gets much easier" (no thanks I prefer for things to get easier NOW!) You're in my prayers!

  5. every day its a really strong toss up between taking my vicodin pain killers or consuming a six pack of beer...the later is probably why I have yet to start sheding the prego pounds..... so jealous you have an elliptical too!

  6. oh hell no girl, I fled to the gym as soon as Dave got home...and I took my sweet time driving home, too. Also, margaritas...are probably the reason I am still looking 4 months preggers-ish. But I am utterly unwilling to surrender my evening sip of sanity.


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