Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Managed Healthcare

Because who doesn't want to see this at their 41 week prenatal appointment?

At least nobody asked me if I wanted to be spayed today...


  1. Sigh.

    Maybe this was the main reason I went with a midwife this time. Maybe....

  2. The sad thing is...I do see a midwife. Though she does the bidding of Kaiser Permanente.

  3. I was just talking with my mom about this -- doesn't it mystify you that ob-gyns don't want more business? Shouldn't they want you to get pregnant again so they can deliver more babies?

  4. I have a feeling recurrent prescriptions for Ella/Yaz/Plan B are probably more fiscally lucrative... plus, then there is the fun follow up work to screen for the 'mysteriously occurring' cervical cancer that rises a billion percent when using said products, etc...

    1. Sigh, I guess you're right.
      I like my naive little world. I'm going to go back now.

      (still praying for you!)


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