Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Color blocking ... I can hit that

My primitive understanding of this haute topic informs me that basically any combination of formerly mismatching colors now a. go together and b. identify you as stunningly on-trend.


I have taken to assembling random arrangements of clothing/accessories/shoes and putting them together in no specific order and have been consistently achieving compliments from an otherwise style-illiterate spouse and always-very-stylish girlfriends, which leads me to believe I have found the answer to every woman's daily question: what should I wear?

This could work, if I weren't 1 million months pregnant:

But this serves equally well, and has the added bonus of being essentially an outfit I can hit both 'shuffle' and 'repeat' on multiple times a week. And so far, no one has noticed....

It was all working out reeeeally nicely, but then it snowed today. I asked my black yoga pants if they'd take me back, and they grudgingly agreed. Spandex is so hard to accessorize...


  1. I'm pretty sure I live in a similar black dress at the end of my pregnancies as well. Well I have 4 -- different sizes -- same dress.

    so you're in not the greatest company.

    and I love your astute "color blocking" observations.

  2. I totally need that dress for Easter! Which is, like, 5 days away. So, I guess I won't be getting that dress. Darn!


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