Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Give Us This Day

So I hate asking for help.  Even from God, but especially from other people.  I'm a d-i-y bootstraps kinda girl, which can get me into trouble every now and then when it turns out I can't manipulate the fabric of reality by sheer force of my will.  Ever have one of those days?  Anyway, probably with the express intention of inviting me to grow in holiness through trustful surrender, God's thrown me a curve ball, and I wasn't expecting it and didn't ask for it and - wouldn't you know it - that doesn't seem to matter to Him.

One. Bit.


So I am having a very minor surgery today that has me a teensy bit concerned, mostly for the subsequent lab results.  Having had very little experience in the world of medical issues, (thanks, God) the past week has been a tad unnerving, so I'm asking for your prayers for us.  Mostly that we'd be surrendered to His will, and of course for any necessary healing.  Ya'll are fabulous. 



  1. We will pray for you today...and each day afterward. Many blessings of peace your way!


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