Friday, July 29, 2011

7 (Really) Quick Takes

1. We are unexpectedly moving sooner than I had dared to hope... tomorrow, in fact.  And I have my drug-addicted (and apparently parole-violating) next door neighbor to thank.  So thank you, Bob the Buffalo... though you probably had a rough night in the drunk tank after the cops busted down your door at midnight, I promise you, you slept better than we did...

2. We are moving into a house.  A HOUSE!  A house of our very own, with a yard and space to plant a garden that I can watch die and, and... even set up a wading pool.  God has a funny way of answering prayers sometimes.

3. My son loves to hear anyone burp, or even pretend to burp.  I don't know how he knows that as an eventual adolescent boy he will be required to laugh at said bodily function, but let me tell you, he thinks it is hilarious.  Hilarious.  Don't even ask how we discovered this.

4. Yesterday me, the boy and the Bob jogger stumbled upon a coyote on our mid-afternoon stroll across the burning wasteland of open space behind our apartment complex.  Technically I was on a multi-purpose path through one of Denver's many lovely greenbelts ... but the coyote was in clear, flagrant violation of Denver's leash law and didn't seem one bit sorry.  But I bet he was sorry after I growled at him and flailed my arms in most threatening manner.  FYI, coyotes are like uglier, dirtier and skinnier versions of wolves... and a lot less aggressive, apparently.  Though I am, admittedly, fearsome in my workout gear.

5.  90 Shilling.  Go out and buy a 6 pack of O'Dell Brewing Company's  90 Shilling Ale.  Tonight.  We have rediscovered our affection for this brew after a long hiatus spent dabbling in cheaper, lesser imitations, but no more.  If you happen to live in North Pennsylsota and can't get your paws on it... well, that's a shame.  A crying shame.  Craft breweries are one of Colorado's greatest contributions to this fine nation, and I pity the fool who hasn't imbibed.

6. I am reading this right now and loving it.  Every page is causing me to drop the book and sigh and reflect on how very far I have to go in the spiritual journey still... and how very large and wide is God's mercy.  I love St. Francis.

7. The following items are necessary to have on hand for any major relocation effort: Sharpies; discarded produce boxes from the grocery store which smell of old bananas; Target bags, scraps of paper towels to wrap delicate items in and then to use to dry tears upon discovery of remains of said item upon arrival; copious amounts of coffee; goldfish crackers to toss on the floor to distract any children who may be present during the operation; wine. Just plenty of wine. Did I miss anything?

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  1. Good luck moving! Ahh, so stressful...but so exciting at the same time. Here's to a great new start...sans drunken neighbor. Thanks for the book suggestion too! I've been looking for a good Saint read lately.

  2. You will love it! I'm almost finished if you want to borrow my copy instead of dropping 20 bucks on a teensy paperback. ps I'm going to have to pick your brain for gardening ideas... is there anything I can plant this late in the season?

  3. Moving! Good luck. Hope it is all you have wished for!


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