Monday, August 23, 2010

Hit Me Up, Doc

Oh NPR, even when I have no time to blog, no time to breathe... you come through and give me something worth pondering.  (Hat tip to Jen for the fabulously-disturbing link)

Just think if this stuff were being marketed to men.  Anyone guess how long it'd stay on the market then?  But we're so "progressed" as a society, right? 



  1. LOL, I'll bet this new one will:
    * Reduce cellulite
    * Release a special pheromone that will enhance the chances of being hired by male interviewers in today's tough economy.
    * Cause women to be attractive only to men who rank 9 or higher at + make over $100k/yr.

    What girl wouldn't want that?

  2. Jenny, awesome blog! Now we definitely need to get together to chat!!!

    I remember those Yaz commercials. It was almost comical, yet slightly terrifying, the way she presented all the "possible side effects" in the middle of the night club.

    When are we going to learn?!?!


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