Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Close!

My lovely and talented friend Jenny of Jenny Hanlon Photography did some fabulous "maternity" shots for Dave and I on campus at the University of Denver one stormy afternoon earlier this month... and I will forever love her for making me feel pretty for the first time this trimester...  Enjoy!


  1. So good! You're gorgeous, Jenny!!

  2. Beauiful...
    By the way, your hubby is never not smiling, is he?

  3. nope, he's pretty much the happiest guy on earth. He did frown briefly when Obama took office, however...

  4. You are beautiful! Really, really glowing and lovely:)

    I hope you will have a wonderful experience with the birth of this child. I am blessed to have had five births (six kids-one set of twins!) and while they were all wonderful, my most favorite memories are of the first birth - God seemed especially close, and there was such a sense of purity and goodness in the OB ward...what beauty!

    I send you my prayers for a healthy, safe and blessed delivery!


  5. Jenny! It's Lauren Sorenson..We have not had much of an internet connection for a while, but we're back online now..in new form, out with Facebook, in with Youtube (our website, if you want to see Clare who is 21 mos now, is youtube.com/bandofsorensons). It's kind of hard to be filmed, but I am just considering it a healthy dose of humility..in the end, it's worth it so that our family and friends can keep in touch with us and see Clare. Oh, btw, we live in Oklahoma now. Jon transfered philosophy MA programs from Houston to Oklahoma.
    Anyway I haven't been on your blog for some time (or much of anyone's for that matter), but I visited recently and am glad that I did. It looks like your baby will be born any time now and what a blessed baby indeed to have you as a mother! The joys are abundant!


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