Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sun's out, guns out

Not to taunt you East Coasters and Midwesterners too mercilessly, but we're kind of basking in the gentle glow of January in Denver right now.

So there's been lots of this

And this

And not much writing.

But I'm also fighting nasty nasty bronchitis which rears its wheezing head at approximately 10 pm till I don't even want to tell you every night, so I'm immensely grateful for climate change right now, and the opportunity to turn the ruffians into the yard for the entire afternoon so I can scrub the kitchen, pay bills, and hunch over an essential oil diffuser, huffing thieves oil and shooting lemon water and trying not to (TMI TMI) pee my pants.

Pregnancy is much less glam the fourth time around.

Any homeopathic remedies you want to throw my way, I can almost guarantee I'll try them. My doctor took enough pity to prescribe an inhaler, but not so much that he released any codeine into my clutches. Tiny, drug-seeking violin.

How's your longest month going? Any resolutions still kicking?

I'm still clean and sober, 27 days strong. My confused eldest son has started calling the grocery store "Target," so I think that tells you how ingrained his loyalty habits are from a young age.

Oh, I also joined the future and borrowed an ebook from the library. Technology. And I wait listed 19 best sellers that I will be awarded in approximately 14 months, give or take the line ahead of me. I guess that's why people buy books? But not having Amazon prime has been clutch for curbing my little dalliances with impulse spending.

On the relocation front, I'm going to be hanging out here, temporarily, on CNA. I'll still be cross posting everything on the blog until the technical stuff all wraps, but it seems like all systems are go for eventually being able to type in Mama Needs Coffee and still landing in my hood. The only potential snag I can see is that the feed itself will change, so if you read in Bloglovin or Feedly or some other reader, you may have to resubscribe. I'll figure out all the details for you though, fret not.

And finally, did you see Grace's news? I loved the graphic she found. I actually told a friend earlier today that he was off the hook for needing to offer congratulations since this is #4, and he could just say "of course you are." Which I infinitely prefer to "don't you know what causes that?"

Between her, Hallie, Blythe, Kendra, and me, we're going to singlehandedly repopulate the blogosphere. And then, the earth.

Oh, and speaking of world domination, I can't believe you guys voted me into the most undeserved category for the Sheenazing awards, but I'll take it. I couldn't believe it when Bonnie emailed me, especially given the company I was keeping in that nomination category. So thank you, truly.


  1. I would have never expected Denver to get January weather like that!! We have a few inches of snow here (Midwest), nothing like the East Coast is getting. Just enough to make things pretty. =)

  2. I do actually have a homeopathic recommendation, I'm not sure if you were serious...but I'll give it just in case. We have had really good results with NatraBio "cough relief". It's a mixture of several remedies that help respiratory complaints. I'm no expert, but I can say it has helped both me and my kiddos with a nasty cough. I hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. Oh, as a heart attack. I’ll literally try anything. I’ll have to pop over to Vitamin Cottage or Whole Foods and check this out. Thank you!

  3. You're ahead of me. I cannot figure out how to loan the stinking ebooks! I'm deficient. And since you asked, my January is going well and we are ON TRACK with our budget for the first time in.....a long time. The secret? We embraced reality and upped our food budget by more than 50%.

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry! A cough while pregnant is the worst!
    Here's some info on homeopathic cough remedies that might help... Joette Calabrese is a Catholic mom and wonderful homeopath. The info that she posts online has helped us a ton!

    1. I will definitely click these out, thank you!

  5. what's an ebook? lol. looking forward to a smartphone.

    hope your cough relents asap!!!

  6. Going old school on you, but I swear by this - Vick's Vapor Rub. I buy the cream version so it's not greasy. Slather in your chest before bed AND on the bottom of your feet. Google that - it's a real thing and it works. I have scads of it in the house so I never run out in the winter.

  7. You are so smart! I love reading got blog. And am so sorry you're sick. It is less glamorous to be pregnant the more we have!!

  8. Coughs while pregnant and coughs right after C-sections are the bane of my existence! It happens every time! I hope you feel better really soon and I hope the inhaler helps. I cling to my inhaler when I'm pregnant! I forget it the rest of the time usually, but it becomes a necessity whenever I'm expecting.


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