Thursday, December 4, 2014

Soul Vitamins

Because who doesn't need a little pick me up by the week's end?

How about a womb-like spa experience for your fat-faced and adorably milk blistered newborn? The French would conceive something this decadent and beautiful.

Also, proof that not only is the world not a terrible place, but it's actually populated by beautiful people who look like indie movie stars and have hearts made of solid gold...and who name their baby sunflower.

Finally, I had the most amazing experience of deliverance prayer in spiritual direction a couple weeks ago. More about that some day, I promise, but for now, the heartiest of thanks to Dan Lord, (aka Hallie's sweetheart), for sharing his own story on Jen's show. This song was playing on the radio when I hopped in the car to leave afterwards. I'd never heard it before, and now I can't stop hearing it. Just the lyric video alone is hauntingly beautiful.


....Oh, fine, one more. Olivia nails all that it means to be a Barron. And then some. I'm old enough that I only got like 85% of these, but it was still funny.


  1. There's another video of the clinique de la Muette bath experience with twins, it's amazing!

  2. Ok, I would like a bath like that! And now there is a new album I need to get, too.


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