Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My fall capsule wardrobe, or something

Just kidding. But if I weren't kidding, it would look something like: stretchy black pants, long tunics, boots or nude flats, Old Navy skinny jeans, scarves, very dirty hair, and very oversized bras. Thanks for nothing, nursing.

So fashion forward. So chic.

I took a nice long breather after finishing out the 31 day series on Halloween, but I'm back, and I'm fresh out of ideas after being so focused on sex, marriage, and Catholicism. While I appreciate the huge spike in interest and the great discussions we had (and the crazy trolls. It's not an internet party without those guys) it's nice to be relieved from the self imposed pressure of posting something every day. Especially something more intellectually stimulating than how much urine has been spilt onto non-toilet surfaces in a single day. Mommy blog, to thine own self be true...

I can be both, though. That was one nice takeaway from October. I can be both the pseudo intellectual teacher type AND the curator of a toddler gossip rag. So that's nice. It's nice to be well rounded, isn't it?

Anyway, just popping in to say hi, I'm alive, and I'm open for suggestions as to what you guys would like to read about!

Maybe you're dying to know how I craft thoughtful, organic meals every night, or how we're trying to teach Theology of the Body to our nudist preschooler. Maybe you're really curious about the arduous 2 year long potty training journey we've been on. Maybe you want tips on traveling or living abroad with babies/young children. Maybe you're just dying to hear a good medicated birth story? Or want some good theological/philosophical titles for your reading list? Or maybe you want me to keep on keeping on with the Catholic stuff, along the same lines as all of last month.

Also, I just spent a not insignificant chunk of time this morning capturing a garter snake with a stick and my bare hands so that Joey could have a close encounter of the reptilian kind. Who the hell is this woman, exactly? Sadly, I have no picture for you, but I do want to leave you with the mental image of me, a 12 inch long stick, and the remains of a rotting red apple (can't make this stuff up) extracting a small snake from a bush at the end of our driveway. The apple made it poetry.


  1. Love all your posts! I'd love to hear how you teach your kidlets about sex. No idea how to approach that one. Grazie!

  2. Yes, to all of it!

    And daaaaannnng girl - you are looking gooood!

  3. I love the blend that you have going on right now. It would be interesting to know how you are teaching a toddler TOB.

  4. "The apple made it poetry" - I love that!!! May I use it, please, in my day-to-day convo? If I say it often enough, maybe my Littles will pick it up and use it over the "Poop on a stick!" phrase that is the reigning favorite (totally my fault, mea culpa - doesn't help that I giggle before putting on Stern Mommy Face and doling out reprimands). One random phrase for another.

  5. Love that scarf!

    And I really hate that there is no picture of you with the snake.

  6. Looking good. And the apple. I'm pretty sure the apple makes it epic the way of Milton.

  7. Let's hear about the kiddos! How are they doing? What are they into these days? Maybe you don't like to divulge too much about your family, which is cool. If that's the case, bring on some recipes!!!


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