Sunday, August 3, 2014

Booty bombs and clickables

Joey and John Paul have been engaging in a fascinating new pastime for the last 2 weeks. It involves climbing to the highest elevation in the room and launching off in a semi-squat position and landing with a sub-floor shaking thunder in the middle of the carpet. Did I say I was fascinated? That's probably not the right word.

Over and over again, JP in particular will shout to me, "Mommy, watch me jump! Look at this booty bomb!" (don't ask). And over and over again I have to look up, cringe, and wait for the seemingly ankle-crushing landing after increasingly long periods of mid-air hang time.

Little boys are terrifying. And endlessly entertaining.

I have all kinds of reflections and thoughts rumbling around in my head about this and how it is keeping within the very essence of their masculine nature to do things that are bold, potentially life-threatening, and limit testing. And I just have to sit back, sipping my coffee, and wondering whether or not I am indeed going to have to pick up that frequent flier punch card that the ER nurse warned me about at our last visit.

(It's been at least 4 months since then, injury fates, so I'd best shut my mouth.)

In lieu of anything more substantial to offer you this fine Sunday morning, I'll leave you with some of my fav clicks from the past week. And, if I could beg some of your prayers for my grandfather, who is dying, I'd be grateful. Most of our extended family was able to gather in his home last night for a private Mass and it was incredibly peaceful. I'm praying he doesn't have too much longer to suffer, and that he experiences a peaceful and happy death filled with reconciliation and forgiveness.

Onward to clickage:

Mary AMY (reeeeeeally bad with names, proof positive) from Motherhood and Miscellany (who I am pretty sure I met last weekend and who was absolutely delightful, if I'm remembering the right sweet face) wrote an excellent piece on a subject I'm mostly unfamiliar about, and, frankly, uncomfortable over. It's so important to remember that our crosses do not look the same! And that something that I perceive to be a struggle and a cross in it's own right (super fertility, to be precise) is actually, ironically, what other women are praying fervently to receive. Life is crazy.

This book was a gift in our swag bags last weekend, and while I rolled my eyes at the title, I found myself deeply and almost immediately engaged. I ripped through it in 3 days of bedtime reading, and I strongly encourage you fellow mamas to do the same.

This piece from Bonnie, recapping Edel and her own (identical to mine!) fears and anxieties about attending was so great. Plus, the playlist she compiled for me? Solid gold. Songs #1 and #2 are my fav so far.

probably laughing at something said by Bonnie. Photo credit: Kevin the awesome.
This song is catchy and basically awful. But you know who isn't awful? Hilary Duff. My little sisters and I have been fangirling over her since circa 2001, so please enjoy her really embarrassing return from retirement. (Props to her for not going the slutty n' sultry route, however.)

Happy Sunday to all! May your day be punctuated by cold beer, warm sunshine, and silent children in the pew.


  1. I'm glad that women are writing about their crosses no matter what form they come in. Unfortunately, it makes me feel really unable to write about mine because it's the opposite end of the spectrum and it seems really awful to ever complain about when you hear other women's very difficult stories. And I don't know what the answer is or if there's an answer to it.

    1. You know, since I wrote that post and got some really wonderful comments and support about it, I was reminded of my need to realize that we all have different crosses. I have always felt like talking about infertility is taboo, or that I shouldn't talk about it, because I am fortunate enough to have three children so I shouldn't complain. . . But our crosses can be hard to bear, no matter what they are. I love that about the Edel conference, that women could come together and support each other in all of our struggles and joys. I don't think you would be awful at all to write or talk about the difficulties of dealing with the opposite side of the fertility issue.

      And Jenny, I had to comment on that song! The song is bad, but the video??? Hahaha! Oh dear.

    2. I think it's okay to right about your matter what it is. We all have different crosses and we all experience things differently. Just because your cross is different from mine, doesn't mean yours is any less harder than mine or that mine is any less harder than yours. I have a huge tendency to "compare" "oh, my life is so hard...I wish I had x cross instead of the one I do have". Which is totally ridiculous, because if I had that cross, I'm sure I would be complaining just as much.

    3. Thanks to both of you. I definitely agree. I think there is some fear in sharing our crosses for sure which is why Amy's post was really great and I really appreciate women writing about difficult things. It's good to know that we're not alone trying to follow Christ even though our crosses are unique to ourselves many times. And I know that there are many people who share the same crosses we have so we should share to eliminate the lie that we are alone!

  2. That is a totally gorgeous picture of you. I was too distracted by it to read anything past booty bombs (which is amazing).

  3. Both of my children do "booty bombs" and I feel absolutely HORRIBLE threatening them with spankings and timeouts and "no more tv EVER AGAIN", but we have neighbors under us, yo. Grouchy old people who have to listen to my children booty bomb their ceiling and I feel for them. I would hate to be sitting on the couch eating popcorn and then suddenly think my ceiling is going to cave in. So now it's perfectly acceptable to jump on the couch here. I'm trying to pick my battles. It is harder than I imagined.


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