Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pilgrim Up

We're leaving tomorrow morning at 7 am, so naturally, I'm not quite done packing. Nor are my dishes done, but eh, what are frantic 11pm housecleaning sessions for?

What I am doing right now is camping out on my couch writing out the prayer requests we've received. I bought this adorable turquoise moleskin notebook with 100 pages and thought, meh, overkill…but it's more than half full already, and I'm not even done unloading my inbox. I am honored and deeply humbled that so many people have entrusted us with their prayer intentions. I felt really strongly that we needed to physically carry them with us, hence the notebook. Now I just hope I don't run out of pages.

We just found out an hour ago that we have press passes - journalist credentials, in other words - for the canonization ceremony. Which means access to the press entrance into the Square. Which means WE'RE GETTING IN!!! But if you could throw up a tiny, selfish prayer that the guards, um, turn the other cheek when they see us toting our equipment and three miniature assistants with us? I'm not sure it's totally normal (or even remotely permissible) for the press to bring their bambini along. So yeah.

I've got to go scoop this baby off the floor now but please, please know we are praying for you!

I don't know what kind of interet we'll have at our apartment, but if I can snag some wifi, you know exactly what I'll do with it.

Oh, and pray for a 12 hour nap for everyone in our family under the age of 4 tomorrow. Pretty please?

John Paul II, pray for us!

p.s. The JPII Love Story Linkup is live until next Sunday. Add your stories!


  1. Jenny! This is so amazing and awesome and amazing. I hope you have the greatest time and that you manage to still have friends by the time you get back because...holy jealous! If you wouldn't mind adding my family to the giant list I'm sure JPII can fit them all in. I'll be praying for you and watching for you on tv ;)

  2. Can you please add my brother- in-law, Bob, to your prayer list? He was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer a couple of weeks ago.

    Praying for smooth travel and a wonderful trip for you all!

  3. Good luck with the trip - have an AWESOME time! Can't wait to read all about it!

  4. Have a great trip- that's awesome about the passes!!

  5. Yea for press passes! Thanks for praying for us. And, seriously, can Evie be any cuter? (With all due respect to my own cutie pies of course.)

  6. Can you pray for my husband's conversion and openness to more children? Thanks so much for doing this. Have a great trip! - Holly

  7. Practice your Italian, friend... Tell the guardia that you named your little one john Paul. They can do it. There are very few rules that they "have" to be strict on. Promise. I've broken too many myself, so I know bringing kids in won't be an issue. Even the carabinieri can be won over!

  8. This is probably too late, but if it's not, would you mind praying for my husband an I to conceive? Thank you!

  9. I swoon every time I see that baby. She's so cute!


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