Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Five Favorites

So we got a Trader Joe's in town last month. I'd been in one a time or two in college, but I had all but forgotten about it until last summer on a trip to Virginia. Holy free range chicken, their meat is overpriced but everything in the is so delicious. And (carnivorous materials aside) surprisingly affordable. Like really, really affordable. Our grocery budget is spot on this month, and all credit goes to TJ.
Yeah, like that.
So without further ado, and because it's Wednesday, and because I'm too tired to think of anything else to write about, here are my newfound heavy hitters from Trader Joe's.


Okay, not food, but seriously amazing. Best shaving cream I've used maybe ever ever ever, it's vegan and paraben free, and it's like, $2.99 in the store. What. Plus it smells like my Hawaiian honeymoon.


This stuff is almost as delicious as homemade, and at $1.19 per lump, it's actually slightly cheaper than making it yourself, by my calculations. Yeast is expensive! Sort of. My boys love "helping" me stretch it out and then loading it with toppings, and we've had it for at least one meal a week for the past month.


See that? That's a big-ass thing of basil. For $2. I almost slapped myself the first time I laid eyes on it, so accustomed had I become to shelling out closer to 5 big ones for a pathetic 2 ounce container of wilted sorrow. After living la vita dolce, I kinda got a taste for fresh basil. And it's kinda not readily available in Colorado unless you're willing to pay dearly. But this? It's like half a pound of basil. And it's delicious. And I can make a pile of homemade pesto sauce and top a pizza and fling some into an omlette and still have a sprig or two left over. Delicious. (Helpful hint: I make pesto sauce using almonds - cheaper than pine nuts, and more pleasing to a kiddie palate.)


These are straight up laced with crack. I ate 17 of them on Fat Tuesday. I counted. Next time we get pregnant I'm earmarking a special 7 pounds just for Joe Joe consumption.


This is deliciousssssssss. And it's $7. Which is exactly half the price of our favorite Italian espresso. Trader Joes, I'll love you forever.

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  1. Oh my goodness, LOVE trader joes! I would be so sad without it!! That shave cream totally is the best, and so are the Joe joes and the pizza dough and etc :) I'm also in love with their single serving light kettle corn bags- I can scarf down a whole one for 110 calories. And the sweetened dried mango slices are my favorite treat in the world!
    Great, now I'm starving :)

  2. Girl after my own heart you are!
    We also love the TJs GF waffles. It's insane how many times we eat them in a week :)

  3. I need to start shopping there. It's a bit of a drive. but like, it's a great place.

  4. that is such a great deal on pizza dough! I think it might actually be MORE expensive to make it myself. Can you start picketing outside and tell them to open locations in Canada please?

  5. Are you willing to share your homemade pesto sauce recipe?

  6. Get the yeast at Costco and keep it in a tupperware in the fridge! It's like $5 for 2 pounds. I'm an Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day addict and it's lasted me about 6 months so far.

    But definitely don't do that if it detracts from your TJ's addiction ;) We love their dog treats just in case you're ever thinking of adding a little more crazy to your life.

    1. Yes! Yeast from Costco!!! Seriously, SO much cheaper than the little envelopes :) Also, I try to make a big batch of pizza dough and freeze it so I always have some on hand, but TJ's is a lifesaver when those plans fall through.

  7. Are you giving me another reason to visit your neck of the woods? Besides that I have an awesome home decor place I need to take you to:)

  8. Amen. I love that place and everything in it! And their Fearless Flyer makes for some good reading. ;)

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  10. I so wish we had one closer than 3 hours away! My husband was in Minneapolis for a workshop, so I had to send him with a TJ's list. I love the dark chocolate truffle bar, the potato chips, and we all love the orange chicken/fried rice!

  11. Mmmmm Trader Joes :-) Ditto Francine on the Mandarin Orange Chicken! We like to make coconut rice to serve with it with their cans of coconut milk. My husband has a serious addiction to their corn salsa, too... I haven't tried their pizza dough yet, so thanks for the recommendation! I also love that shaving cream... I always hated how the cans of the shaving gel would get all gross and rusty in the shower and this is so much better.


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