Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big Time

Internet, I have arrived. And by that I mean I shelled out for a real, live .com for the 'ol blog, so that now whomever is searching google for the following pressing reasons, as was apparently the case this past week:

  • Mama Needs Coffee
  • Medium length bobs with bangs
  • Shoulder length bob 
  • Mama sex free (um…)
  • Deepest masculine desires (I really can't comment)
  • Mama needs coffers (true) 
  • Caffeine during pregnancy harmful (emphatically, no)
  • Free range toddler (indeed)

will be directed swiftly here, to 

Watch out, world.


  1. #4 - hee, hee!! Clearly doesn't apply...! :) Hope you are feeling well!

  2. Somehow your changing to a real-life URL kicked me out of following you on Bloglovin' -- not sure how that happened but it might be continuing to happen for others! If you search "mama needs coffee" on Blogspot, all they show is your old URL and the posts that occurred before the name change. :) thought you might like to know!


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