Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Daily Show

Here goes 7 days of .... something.

I'm prepared to bore you with a contiguous week of postings, if only to satisfy the challenge Jen has thrown down. Also, since she's a signed/sealed/delivered author of the genuine variety, I figure any directives she has to issue on writing discipline are worthy of heeding.

This morning we were greeted with a surprised smile by our pastor as we staggered up the steps to 10 am Mass, an entire 30 minutes early and in time for Confession. He remarked on how very un-tanned and un-rested we looked for having returned from an exotic beach vacation, and we in turn congratulated him on his celibate vocation. Plus, he gets to spend next month at the Jersey Shore with other people's kids, so presumably, their nighttime care will not be his concern. And he's actually an Eye-talian American, so he will probably actually get a tan.

We, of pasty white northern European descent, were unable to work up sufficient pigmentation to even sunburn in the 3 cumulative hours spent on the beach this past week. But we did drink Coronas at one point (because I'm a terrible mother), and the public nudity was kept to an all-around minimum. So, win?

I am 18 weeks pregnant with number 3, but still sleeping somewhat happily on my stomach and not gaining all that much weight. Is it weird that this freaks me out? I've also only felt baby move a handful of times, and then I'm like, wait, did I feel that? No, that was nothing...or maybe was it?

I also regularly fantasize about traumatic birth outcomes, fatal illnesses, and awful complications to either my or baby's health, proving that I'm really no more fun as a third time mother than I was as a first timer. Does anyone else suffer from this kind of idiotic anxiety? And should I be feeling more gymnastics at this point since I'm practically a veteran gestater by now?

Anyway, there you have some stream-of-consciousness style posting to satisfy the not very exacting parameters of this blogging challenge.

And, because why not, some pictures:

You know, just some chocolate-masked egg babies hatching in a cafe window. Wft Europe.

And, their evil master, who may be, dare I hope, an actual Krampus? Lizzie, can you confirm this specimen as such?


  1. My GP told me not to worry about feeling fetal movement til 20 weeks. I'd felt it sooner but he said that sometimes after a couple pregnancies you're stretched out enough you don't feel it as much...I noticed that after my second (this is baby five) I was enough more distracted by the older children I didn't notice movement until it was much more obvious.

    And I think I'm every bit as anxious and neurotic this pregnancy as I have been with any of the others :(.

    Enjoy your lack of weight gain while you can. I could pretty much keep my pregancies secret the first two trimesters if I want to, then for the third one...look out!

  2. You're one of the few bloggers who make me actually, literally laugh-out-loud. "chocolate-masked egg babies" -- Love it! I'm looking forward to reading your posts this week!

  3. I'm soooooo excited for all you awesome bloggers to post every day! I have to restrain myself from posting every day because I feel like nobody reeeally cares, but now I have an excuse!

  4. Yes, I work myself up allll thee time. And when I'm not pregnant I worry about my kids' every spot, cough, etc. being some life threatening illness.

    It's no way to live! I was actually thinking about blogging about ideas to break this ridiculous cycle of anxiety. We'll see if I do it since it's quite a divergence from my usual light and fluffy subject matter.

  5. I am expecting two and didn't gain more than six or seven pounds before 18 weeks. :) (And now I'm gaining a bit faster than I'd like to ... sigh.)

    And those babies are possibly one of the creepiest things I've ever seen.

  6. Maybe your placenta is more anterior this time around?

  7. CREEPY pictures, but also funny. I probably have NO right to weigh in on the feeling baby movement, but I do know of several of my friends that felt the baby less if the placenta is more to the front. And the decreased weight gain could be a difference in diet as well with fewer processed foods. Nonetheless, I'll be praying all goes smoothly and all that comes of your worries is a little lost sleep!

  8. I seem to get more anxious and neurotic with each passing I think it's very normal to be anxious about the 3rd.

    Also, I wouldn't worry about movement, a lot has to do with position of the you may have the placenta in front.


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