Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boy oh Boy

Stepping back from yesterday's craziness (calling all trolls, come hang out in my commbox) for a little good 'ol fashioned mommyblogging, courtesy of sweet and crafty Sheena at Bean in Love, who actually asked for obnoxiously kid-centered posts of progeny.

Twist my arm.
Yes, that arm. The monstrous post-partum mommy arm flapping in the bottom right-hand corner of the frame.
 When John Paul was born, we were all but convinced he was a 'she,' both because the pregnancy was so different from Joey's, and because we had our girl name settled oh, about 9 months earlier than our boy name. But out he popped, and we are so glad to have two little man cubs only 19 months apart.

They are already best friends,
though Joey is for sure the Alpha Wolf. Except that JP is only trailing by 7 lbs these days, so better watch your back, big brother.

Joey is the proverbial eldest child: bossy, confidant, opinionated, a little self-centered, smart, and really, really stubborn. In other words, he's the male version of me.

John Paul is our sweet and snuggly guy...but he can scream. Like noises from another planet. Particularly during the Eucharistic Consecration. Or if ever we happen to be tagging along when Dave is filming an interview or having a conversation with somebody famous and/or important. John Paul does not have a 'discrete' setting. Also, his screams. Oh Lord, poor Joey is still scarred from the Great CIO-fest of Spring 2013, (wait, that's now, actually. But it's been a great past 2 weeks! So I think we won.) when we locked him in a marble-floored bedroom with his younger brother and 'sleep trained' them both to the tune of JP's ungodly shriekings ringing off the acoustically perfect floors.

Don't be fooled by this face.
My ears still bleed from time to time.

They look alike, but they look like their own little persons, as well. Joey is skinner and has a longer face (and a much fiercer scowl) where JP's honest and open round face/eyes assure me he will never be able to tell me a lie. Or so I hope.

We're so in love with these little boys.

And so is the entire city of Rome, it turns out.


  1. They are just the most beautiful boys! I really love the one of you hugging them, the one with Pope Benedict, and the one of them outside with the football. Too sweet!

  2. Your boys are adorable! Just went and read the comments from yesterday. Goodness. It was a great article, BTW! And interesting that the 2nd Anon person referenced your interactions with people IRL. Drives me crazy when people want to be ugly and then hide behind their not-real names. Stay the course, sister!!

  3. LOVE them!! As crazy as Joey sounds, I'm secretly hoping my girls have BIG personalities just like him! It makes life more fun/crazy/interesting, no? :) I also think he's onto some sort of fashion trend with that pot. I empathize with John Paul and his sweetness sprinkled with an innate ability to scream. I've got two of those...
    Love the pictures, especially the one with B16! Lucky boy!
    Thanks for linking up Jenny!! I loved reading!

  4. ugh. i can't stand these kinds of obnoxious kid-centered posts. meh..

    i kid. i kid. have you seen my blog?

    miss you lady and those sweet boys!

  5. My John Paul was an epic screamer when he was that age, too - especially at church! He loved the acoustics of the large space :) Maybe it's the name?

    They are so SO cute!!! I love the picture of them in the leaves!

  6. Yesterday's post was amazing! Thank you for putting yourself out there so that converts like me have an open honest big-sister-in-the-faith to look up to. You rock!
    Ashleigh Davis from LA, CA

  7. What a beautiful family--all of you :) I *love* kid posts, especially full of pictures. Thanks for sharing! :)


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