Sunday, February 3, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Franciscan Style

Hail, Steubenville... and all you other fans of Francis out there. And all the lovely ladies decked out in delicate cotton weave and eggplant.

We spent a glorious and quick overnight in Assisi and it was simply amazing. Great food, great prayer, not so great wine (our fault, not theirs), and .... great sleep.
For 1.90 Euro per liter, why would this not taste amazing?
May this day be remembered henceforth as the morning we all woke up in one hotel room having slept for 8 continuous hours. I attribute it, in all sincerity, to the miraculous intercession of St. Francis and to the astonishing peace which the entire hilltop town is awash in.

Anyone who's trod the cobblestoned inclines of this Umbrian paradise knows exactly what I'm talking about. Francis is there. God is there. It's truly a little taste of Heaven on earth.
Heavenly lighting. Proof positive. Plus, behold Joey's peaceful countenance.
Now, to the more superficial fare you've come to know and tolerate from this corner of the internet.

Baby wearing sister date.
Dave: "Are you using those friars as props?" Jenny: "Yes."
Please, let's walk the hill one last time? My feet feel amazing.
Accessories shot. Nothing awkward about this angle whatsoever.

Just so you don't think aaaaall we did were glamor shots of her ladyship, here's a little reenactment from our engagement/maternity session. (No announcement here, just a little nod to the awkward hand placement.)

 Outfitted by:
Ergo baby sport
2 days sans shower
And not
(Top: Loft, Skirt: Target, Boots: Don'tbesuchanobxnoxiousnamedropper, Earrings: Assisi boutique.)

Winter night in Assisi. From our gorgeous hotel.

Finnegan Fieldhouse Basilica San Francesco on a rainy night.
Lovely Christiana, sister, auntie, nanny, and photographer extraordinaire. "Please don't take my picture Jenny, my jacket is ugly."

I told her\ that we all had to make fashion sacrifices to embrace the true spirit of Francis. Poor Fr. Julian had to flip his hood up in the biting wind, and on a good hair day at that.


  1. ok, creep of the year commenting .5 seconds after you posted.
    1) you look amazing!!! seriously, so good.
    2) i might have to stop reading simply because i want to be there so bad it hurts. but so happy for you too:)
    3) love the outfit and this post!

  2. ditto everything Ana said but I'm not that happy for you. Only jealous.


    I am curious where your sister got her boots? ...................

  3. -I have to say it- "Green be-springs Ohio Valley..."
    -That shot of the Basilica so resembles the Fieldhouse.
    -You look great, and a WIWS from Assisi is incred.!

  4. Earrings...I am coveting those big time. Also, I've wanted to visit Assisi soooo bad. Maybe someday? Love following your journey in your new home!

  5. Oh Assisi, land of love (that's where Phil first kissed me!) I miss it! Assisi, not the kisses...those are still abundant :)

  6. LOL! I love this post. You look great. I really want your earrings. One of my favorite shades of blue!

  7. Love the outfits and the scenery! Glad you guys got 8 straight hours of sleep...hopefully it will carry over after you leave Assisi!

  8. Delicate cotton weave and eggplant... Aha, I see what you did there!

    Are you guys just living this little Italian fantasy to make our heads spin, er what? Fr. Julian is too cute :-)

  9. You look great! And Assisi is my husband's favorite place in Italy. Hopefully I can go someday!


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